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December 2015

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Welcome to Rob Warland!
 A Word about Our Finances

Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries' priority is to partner with indigenous leaders in under-resourced, developing countries in order to teach, inspire, and encourage these leaders to serve Christ more effectively. Most of our partners are unable to afford their own participation in our ministries, let alone fund our expenses. We gratefully depend upon your support to accomplish this mission.

To those who have already given this year, Thank You! For those who have not yet given or who feel led to consider an additional gift, your contribution at this time would be a great help to further Faith, Hope, and Love's global work of leadership development.

Click on the button below to learn how to contribute electronically or by mail. There is also an option to set up automatic withdrawals for monthly giving, which would be a great help to us as well.

Thank you! 

Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries

Timothy C. Geoffrion, President and Teaching Minister

Rob Warland, Assistant to the President (USA)

Swe Maung, Administrative Assistant (Myanmar) 

Board of Directors
Mr. Mike Dircz

Mr. Thomas Erickson
Rev. Dr. Timothy C. Geoffrion

Mr. Peter Strommen 

Board of Advisors
Mr. Jim Deanovic

Rev. Dr. Cheryl F. Dudley

Mr. Ron Hoffman   

Mr. John March  

Mr. Warren Staley   
Mr. Mark Thompson  

Thank you for your interest and support of Faith, Hope and Love Global Ministries again this year. W e have so much to celebrate. God continues to work in beautiful and amazing ways through our teaching and various ministries around the world. As we focus on equipping theological students, pastors, and other leaders to serve Christ more effectively, I feel humbled and deeply grateful for all the ways the Holy Spirit is visibly using us for God's good purposes in so many lives.
This year, we focused on Myanmar, France, and the United States. Over 2600 individuals were reached through seminary courses, workshops, spiritual life coaching, and preaching ministries. At Myanmar Institute of Theology-my main Asian base for teaching and ministry-I taught New Testament Theology and Pastoral Ministry principles and practices. Thousands more were served through our books and online resources in the Faith, Hope and Love Resource Library. ( You will find links to our 2015 e-newsletters to the left if you would like to see photos and get more details.)
Lai Baptist Church, Yangon, Myanmar, where Tim preached
As this year draws to a close, would you consider making a donation to further our work of Christian leadership development around the world? Our annual budget is increasing nearly 50% due to added staff members and additional mission trips and events abroad. For example, we still need approximately $10,000 just for leadership training in Cambodia in March. 

In addition to the standard ways of contributing, you may also give appreciated assets, particularly stocks, to Faith, Hope and Love Global Ministries. There may be tax benefits when you donate appreciated stock. If you are interested in this option, please email who will give you all the specific information needed so that your broker will be able to get the stock to the right place.
Thank you for your continued interest in developing Christian leaders globally and willingness to consider a special gift at this time. May God fill you with a renewed sense of wonder and joy this Christmas season, and bless you for all you do for Christ and his kingdom.

Serving Christ with you, 

Tim Geoffrion
President and Teaching Minister

" What you have heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well."
-2 Timothy 2:2, NRSV
2016 Ministry Goals

1. Publish Spirit-Led Living: Saying "Yes" to God with an eye to distribution in the USA and Myanmar.

2. Continue serving Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) as Visiting Professor, as spiritual life coach for students, and as spiritual and academic leader on campus.

3. Expand Myanmar ministries by providing workshops for faculty, teaching indigenous Burmese missionaries, and establishing additional partners in Christian leadership development.

4. Conduct workshop(s) for ATEM (Association for Theological Education in Myanmar) member faculties in Chin Hills and possibly Yangon.

5. Identify potential candidates to serve as future program staff in Myanmar with an eye to long term FHLGM program development.

6. Explore value of and market for translating and distributing additional FHLGM books, essays, and curriculum into Burmese.

7. Conduct the Spirit-Led Living Workshop for 50 Cambodian Christian leaders.

8. Print and distribute at least 500 copies of The Spirit-Led Leader in Urdu in Pakistan.


2016 Teaching and Ministry Calendar
  1. Myanmar (Jan 4-March 6)
  2. Cambodia (March 6-13)
  3. France (March 13-31)
  4. Minneapolis/Chicago (April 1-May 10)
  5. France (May 11-June 5)
  6. Minneapolis (June 6- September 12)
  7. France (September 13-25)
  8. Myanmar (September 26-November 16)
  9. San Antonio (November 17-22)
  10. Minneapolis (November 22-New Year's)
2017 Opportunity to see FHL Global in Action!
Inspire Trip to Myanmar (January 2017)

Are you interested in possibly joining us? Let Tim or Rob know and we'll put you on the "more information" list!

Introducing Rob Warland!
Faith, Hope, and Love is very pleased to announce a new staff member! We have just hired an Assistant to the President, who will be providing administrative and program support from Minnesota. 

Rob comes from a small village in Wisconsin and became a believer in Jesus Christ in 2004. His desire for development led to completing the Leadership Development program at Hope Community Church (Minneapolis) and eventually joining staff as the leadership development ministry associate. Rob and his wife Mindy have three young children, David, Caleb, and Evelyn, and live in south Minneapolis. He enjoys cheering for the Packers, outdoor baseball (Go Twins!), exploring all that Minneapolis has to offer, waterparks with his kids, reading (and recommending books), traveling, and pretty much anything outside in warm weather.

Welcome Rob!

M.I.T. New Testament Theology Class