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Dave's Difference
In Japan when you ask a person what they do, they answer with a job title and then quickly add the hobby or leisure activity they pursue on personal time. The Japanese believe that the way they earn a paycheck has very little bearing on who they are as people and what they deem important. Yet, if you ask an American what they do the answer is very much about the job.
Last Chance to Donate
Click here to enter our Virtual House to see the progress of our End of Year campaign. You will also be able to click on "Your Donation" to see the giving levels and what that value can purchase for one of our homes. Select "Donate Now" and you will be able to make an online contribution towards our End of Year Campaign. Thank you for considering supporting Habitat Cabarrus.
Faith and the Faithful
Once upon a time we lived in Tokyo and a few blocks from our apartment resided a piece of public sculpture we called, "The Machine." Have you ever seen a Rube Goldberg creation or played the board game Mousetrap? That's your starting point. The Machine was housed inside a clear plexi-glass case nearly one story high. Inside, multiple metal balls rolled through an elaborate maze that utilized conveyor belts, ramps, and even bells to remind passers- by that we are all pieces in a larger mechanism.
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