As communities of faith, we, the undersigned on behalf of our respective organizations, believe that our religions are the rich wellsprings from which we draw commitments to serve, support, and benefit one another. Our religions teach us that G_d is the creator and sustainer of the world and that responding faithfully to G_d requires us to commit to serve creation.
Responding to G_d requires us to strive together for the common good: the care of the earth for the generations to come, the pursuit of justice for all, and the protection of our rights to practice and express our faiths as best as we can. Responding to G_d requires us to take to heart a genuine concern for the well-being of each other. When our neighbors' well ­- being becomes our own concern, we can we truly be faithful to G_d. So, consistent with our religious teachings, we commit to stand together for those in the Lehigh Valley who are vulnerable and whose voices are not heard. We commit to teach our children compassion for   those whose struggles are different from our own. We promise to become a force for good .
In order to achieve this vision we recognize that our respective communities in the Lehigh Valley have much work to do. With sincere effort , we commit ourselves

  • To deepen our understanding of each other's religions
  • To recognize that we do not agree on all things
  • To model respect for each other's religions
  • To work together on issues of human equality and social justice, consistent with our religious values.

Together we place our trust and hope in G_d , that G_d will bless and guide our efforts and that G_d will tum our efforts into a blessing for us and our neighbors.