Their happiness is palpable.  Their love for each other is evident.  Maybe it's a result of being married for 72 years, or maybe it's their newlywed days spent ballroom dancing, but Nancy and Bill still move in sync from kitchen to patio--serving tea, a snack, or just enjoying a chat.  But that rhythm is often interrupted with anxiety.  Bill has Alzheimer's and struggles with daily tasks.  Sometimes the bills pile up because Nancy just doesn't have time to sort through the mail and care for Bill at the same time.  She recently suffered a hairline fracture to her ankle, making it difficult to shop for groceries.  Enter ElderHelp volunteers:  Tom, an accountant, visits for a few hours each week and helps Nancy get the bills paid.  Ramesh is picking up groceries to make sure they have enough food, and Debbie visits to make sure Nancy gets the respite she needs.   Amy, our Volunteer Services Manager, checks in regularly to make sure they're doing OK.   "ElderHelp has enriched our lives," says Nancy.  "Our home is everything to us.  We've lived here together for 40 years, and this is where we want to stay."   


With each instance of care, each ride, each member, each volunteer, we make a difference in each life.  Here is our mid-year report:

6,742       Unique instances of care
3,142       Volunteer hours recorded
2,221       Information & referral calls
2,130       Seniors A Go Go riders
     57       New members
     37       New volunteers
     11       HomeShare matches