Dear Friends,

Many are wondering how best to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. While rescue efforts are still going on, it is advised not to send in-kind gifts to the affected areas as they have no way to distribute them. However, there are lots of other ways to help: 

1) Red Cross needs volunteers and supplies. Check with the local chapter for information on donating and volunteering.  

2)  Central Texas Food Bank  coordinates with state and local relief organizations to provide immediate relief to those who lose access to food and water.
3)  Upbring  provides local help with disasters in connection with Lutheran Disaster Response and other agencies.

5) Donate blood, plasma or platelets.  Many patients from coastal areas have been transported into hospitals in our 10-county region, creating an ongoing and growing need for blood donations.
6) Check for local organizations needing relief support. There are more locations being reported by the hour in and around Austin. 
 -  Park Place Health Care Center,  121 FM 971,  Georgetown, TX is taking in 38 Assisted Living evacuees with more coming in. Call (512) 868-6200 to find out how to help. 

A prayer of blessing on those affected by Hurricane Harvey, and of hope and inspiration for all of us.  - Pr. Brad

We open our hearts in prayer for the victims of storm and flood, and for all who gather around them in rescue and support. Bless them with your presence, strength, patience and hope. We open our minds to the leading of your Spirit, to inspire our compassionate response. Bless us all as we seek to come alongside with aid and comfort. We open ourselves to your leading in the time to come, to assist in the rebuilding of lives and livelihoods. Bless people everywhere who will reach beyond their own concerns to bless the lives of others. Amen. 

Abiding Love Lutheran Church
7210 Brush Country Road
Austin, Texas 78749