April 2015
Opening Doors News
"I Can."
Affirmations of Confidence and
Potential from a Survivor and Volunteer

Jennifer is one of our most spirited and earnest volunteers. She is also a survivor. After working with Opening Doors for three years, she is in a place where she can say, "I can," to her goals and future. As a volunteer, she realizes her potential to give back to others. Read about Jennifer's journey from survivor to volunteer. 

BIG Day of Giving: Round 2
Join us for a fun day full of giving!

Don't miss out on the Big Day of Giving this Tuesday. Your donations will help refugees, survivors of trafficking, and other underserved in Sacramento.


Last year, the community raised $2,800 for Opening Doors' programs. As one of our 200 newsletter followers, your donation of $25 can help us double last year's total! Your gift brings us closer to making a collective difference in the community. Find out more about this fun, 24-hour giving challenge.


Donate to Refugees
Give Your Household Goods New Purpose

For many people, an old bicycle often sits forgotten in their garage. For a refugee family, however, a bicycle is their main way of getting to and from work. Opening Doors works with two other refugee resettlement agencies to distribute used goods like bicycles, furniture, and appliances to refugees. 


May 5, 11-2 PM
1200 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
Free entry to celebration!

At Opening Doors, we enjoy sharing the changes brought about by the generosity and hard work of our supporters, clients, and staff. Victories like the ones reported this month have a positive impact in our community and in our clients' lives.  Thank you for sharing in our joy!