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 "Silence Speaks"

I have been reflecting on and practicing silence in a number of different forms for the last five months. Choosing to place my attention here has proved to be deeply rewarding and has enriched my life in unexpected ways. I'd like to share this with you, and hope that it will be beneficial.

My mother died in March, following almost three years of a decline in her health in which she suffered considerably, both physically and emotionally. Our family was, of course, very sad to lose her. In addition to grief, though, we were profoundly relieved that she was freed from her suffering.

My mother's death has catalyzed significant shifts in my being. A few weeks after her passing, I had the sense of a new door opening to the infinite, to the vastness of Being. No longer having to devote time and energy to the practical tasks of caregiving or experience the heartache of witnessing my mother's pain and emotional distress, a new possibility for freedom and light opened up for me. There was a recognition with this opening that I needed to treat this opportunity with care and respect, to honor the sacredness that was here. I knew that I needed to be mindful and not become excessively preoccupied with the pulls and promises of our finite existence, the endless desires and aversions that we habitually get caught in.

It was also clear to me that leaning into the light more than I had been recently didn't imply leaving my humanness behind. Our nature is both finite and infinite, immanent and transcendent. We need to fully honor and attend to both. But it was time for me to tend more closely to the infinite.

The words 'Choose Silence' came to me quite powerfully when I was on a Sunday morning walk. I sat down under a tree and reflected on this. These words meant more than just carving out blocks of quiet, alone time. I sensed that, in addition to periods of solitude, I needed to pause as often as I could remember each day to Choose Silence and, in so doing, to align with Being - alone and with others, in quiet times and in the midst of activity. I also decided that, whenever possible, I would gently 'watch my words,' for example, refrain from idle chatter. And I also wanted my words to be authentic, to be congruent with my experience, to come from my heart, belly, and soul. I understood this to be speaking from the Silence and knew that my being was giving me a kind of new roadmap for honoring the portal that had opened. This has been, and continues to be, life-changing. These words came to me recently: "Beacons of Silence are lighting my way."

I find it helpful to Choose Silence when I am in situations that can trigger emotional reactivity, such as watching the news in these turbulent times. Rather than watching, listening, and understanding with just my eyes, ears and brain, I also choose to include awareness of the Silence as I view the screen. This helps me to respond thoughtfully rather than react to people and events, to have a wide perspective rather than a narrow, contracted focus. Of course, this isn't always possible. It's natural to be reactive at times. We have experienced trauma in our lives that can contribute to intense responses, and we have that limbic brain that reacts to situations instinctively, often with heightened emotions. The less we blame or judge ourselves for getting triggered, the better off we will be. When we are able to give space to whatever is occurring in our psyches, it is easier to access the deeper feelings that may be fueling the distress, and the limbic system can cool down, as well. 

Sometimes Choosing Silence means simply pausing and dropping into the clear pool of stillness at our core that is always available, and resting there for a few minutes or, perhaps, just dipping in for a breath, a taste, or a touch. When I do this, I often have a feeling of relief and there is a quality of 'coming home.' At other times, Choosing Silence may be a choice to walk, eat, or engage in any activity slowly. At these times, I experience a poignant intimacy with whoever or whatever I am engaging with. I feel close to life and trusting of ITS ways.

I invite you to join me in a moment of Silence....






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