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Plan Now For A Sustainable Future: Saturday, April 2 2011

  • Field trip to Sonoma Mt Village, N. America's One Planet Community
  • Conversation with pioneering whole ecosystems designer Sim Van der Ryn
  • Priority list of critical best practices for a sustainable, resilient future

Featured Speakers include:    

Sim Van der Ryn
, former California State Architect and pioneering  whole ecosystems designer


Alex Hinds,Program Director,and Recycled Marin County Community Development Director

Val Alexeeff
, Senior Consultant Recycled Santa Barbara County Planning/Development Director 


(Detailed class info...)

Enrollment Information:

  • 1 mtg: Sa, Mar 5, 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Environmental Technology Center
  • ENSP800; 7 hours CEU; $195
  • class# 3852


This six class series is presented in collaboration with the Environmental Studies and Planning Department and the School of Extended Education:

  1. Global Sustainable Development in the Age of Climate Change 
  2. Natural Systems & Environmental Sustainability 
  3. The Built Environment: Sustainable, Climate Friendly Design 
  4. Preparing Climate Action Plans
  5. Sustainable Development: Economic, Equity, and Resiliency Issues
  6. Plan Now for a Sustainable Future
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