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There are many things we can do to embrace the spirit of the season while being true to our efforts to live more sustainably.

In this Guide, you will find information about
great products for eco-entertaining and green gifts as well as some tips about
green gifting, eco-friendly holiday decorating, eco-feasting, and reducing gift wrapping.

Holiday Promotion: Spend $75 or more
on any order placed through December 31, 2010, and receive a FREE subscription to our new Green Home Makeover Online Portal (12 mos) and Ask Green Irene Knowledgebase (3 mos).
Great Products For Eco-Entertaining And Green Gifting Available From Your Local Green Irene Eco-Consultant
Blue Line

Blue Line Power Cost Monitor (Item # 49540)
Our recommended home power cost monitor enables you to track and control your electric power consumption in real time, cutting 6-18% off your monthly electric bill by giving you immediate feedback on your hourly electricity cost. This is the only unit on the market that does not need the services of an electrician to install.

Your Price: Now just $90.00
Save $20 off original price thru December 15!

Activeion Ionator HOMHOM (Item # 50250)
The ionator HOM is a powerful appliance that cleans and sanitizes without chemicals. So it's good for people and the planet. The ionator HOM converts ordinary tap water into ionized water, a dirt-removing, bacteria-killing agent.It's such a cool-looking hand-held appliance that the whole family will want to help with cleaning!

Your Price: $169.00
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Green Irene Enzymatic Clean STARTER Kit (Item # 51510)Cleaner Line Up
Effective. Safe. Sustainable. The perfect kit to get started with Green Irene Enzyme Cleaners and on your way to effective, safe and sustainable cleaning. Refill packets from $1.99.

Your Price: $39.98
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Green Irene Soy Jar Candle (Item # 52620)
These candles are made from pure soybean oil and contain NO petroleum or animal products. Also available in 25-pack tealights (Item #53010).

Scent options: Vanilla Orange, Gardenia, Eucalyptus and Sage, Amber and Sandalwood, Cr�me Brulee, Red Currant, Purely Herbal, Lavender Fields, Spiced Chai, Seaside Villa, Island Breeze, and Thai Lemongrass

Your Price:
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Toxic-free Kids Art Supplies art supplies
From lead to PVC, many toxins are often found in the everyday products used by our children. Give yourself peace of mind with this selection of safe, non-toxic kids products: Eco-Friendly Modeling Dough( Item #48610), Children's Glue (Item #48670), Children's Soy crayons (Item #48640), Children's Markers (Item #49660), and Children's Paint (Item #49690)

Your Price: $5.50 - $12.00
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Toy Recycling Truck (Item #
Your eco-conscious little one will learn recycling basics while playing with this super cool recycling truck that has a movable recycling bed and open/shut rear door. This safe, enjoyable toy recycling truck not only teaches your child concern for the planet and recycling, but is also composed entirely of recycled plastic bottles!

Your Price: $26.00
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Automated Indoor Composter (Item #46690)
Our composter turns household food waste into rich, high-nitrogen fertilizer without any of the hygiene or odor issues that can occur with indoor composting. This self-contained unit will automatically heat, mix and aerate your organic waste, then notify you when the compost is fully degraded and ready to use outdoors. Available colors: white, sky, slate, cobalt, yellow, black and silver

Your Price: $399.00
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Spinning Outdoor Composter (Item #38380)
Compost and aerate your food and yard waste with our Spinning Outdoor Composter!

Your Price: $150.00
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___________________________________________________________________________Penguin Soda Machine___

SodaStream Penguin Soda Maker (Item #38530)
This easily produces sparkling water and soda in seconds eliminating the need to carry, store and dispose of bottles and cans. It uses a carbonator and glass carafe reducing electricity and waste. Makes sparkling water or soda. Very Easy!

Your Price: $200.00
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Green Home Makeover (In-person) (Item #47230)
This pre-paid Green Home Makeover Gift Certificate is perfect for gift giving! The recipient will receive a gift certificate for a full $99 Green Home Makeover as well as their choice of the Green Irene stainless steel bottle or eco-tote.

Your Price: $99.00

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For more great products for eco-entertaining and green gifting flip through the Green Irene digital catalog!

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Holiday Promotion
Receive a FREE subscription to our new Green Home Makeover Online Portal and Ask Green Irene with a purchase of $75 or more!

If you spend $75 (excluding tax or shipping) on any order placed through December 31, 2010, you will receive a FREE subscription to the Green Home Makeover Online Portal (12 months) and Ask Green Irene Knowledgebaseaccess (3 months) to keep for yourself or to give as a gift.

The Portal is an interactive way for you to give yourselves credit for Green Home Initiatives you are currently doing in your home, to learn more details about initiatives Green Irene recommends, and to earn recognition for your sustainable lifestyle since the points you earn bring you to certain levels (ie Green, Silver, Gold Badge).

When you log into the Green Home Makeover Portal you will be presented with a series of questions (which we call "initiatives") about what you are doing in your home grouped by categories such as:

Energy Conservation, Energy Efficient Lighting, Water Conservation, Water Purity, Toxic Free Living, Indoor Air Quality, Recycling, Waste Reduction, Carbon Footprint, Safety

Each Initiative in the Green Home Makeover Portal has a recommendations page that explains what needs to be done. The Green Home Makeover Portal will show you have to save $1,000s and help lead your family to a healthier, safer and more sustainable lifestyle.

Our Ask Green Irene Knowledgebase is our comprehensive green knowledge database to help you along the path to greening your home, office and your life. Who can you trust to provide the best, and most up-to-date, information? Green Irene. Ask Green Irene is an online service built on an enormous database of the latest and most effective green innovations backed up by a human research team if we don't have the answer to your question. Remember, when you have green questions, don't spend hours searching Google; just Ask Green Irene!

Remember that while a self-service Portal has its benefits, our flagship service is the Green Home Makeover (from $99) for the in-person assistance of a qualified local Green Irene Eco Consultant.
Green Gifting Habits

- Buying online will help to reduce your holiday shopping carbon footprint. When you do want to brave the store crowds, do research online beforehand so that you know which sto
reHoliday Shoppings carry what you're looking for - you'll be able to reduce your driving between stores searching for those perfect gifts, which will save you on gas and on stress.

- Consider e-cards rather than traditional greeting cards to reduce holiday paper use. When paper cards are more appropriate, make sure to use cards with recycled content. Also don't forget to recycle any paper cards you receive.

- The average American's trash output goes up 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Reduce the number of bags thrown out by bringing reusable bags for holiday gift sh

-Consider gifts that help the recipient implement their New Year's Resolution to live a more sustainable life. Gifts that accomplish that AND save the recipient money are especially thoughtful. The Activeion Ionator HOM sanitizes without chemcials
by converting ordinary tap water into ionized water, a dirt-removing, bacteria-killing agent. Your local Green Irene Eco-Consultant has lots of practical green gifts that are right for these times.

-A $99 Green Home Makeover is a thoughtful gift, as the recipient receives an in-home consultation from a trained local Eco-Consultant, a detailed Report filled with useful recommendations, and three months of unlimited research support to help guide them on their path to living a greener life. See 15 Reasons to Have a Green Home Makeover!

- Consider gifts like concert tickets and gift certificates to reduce packaging waste and the need for wrapping material. Charitable donations in the recipients' name make great gifts.

- Consider the durability of a product before you buy it as a gift. Cheaper, less durable items often wear out quickly. Check product labels to determine an item's recyclability and whether it is made from recycled materials (buying recycled encourages manufacturers to make more recycled-content products available). Avoid any gifts that may contain toxic ingredients like lead or that off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

- About 40 percent of all battery sales occur during the holiday season. Buy a Rechargeable Hybrid Battery Kit to accompany your electronic gifts this year. Green Irene's Rechargeable Battery Savings calculator, available from your local Green Irene Eco-Consultant, can show you how the new hybrid models can save you thousands of dollars over their life, and keep 3,600 hundred pounds of toxic waste out of landfills. They pay for themselves after just seven recharges out of a lifecycle of 1500 recharges.

-Every home really must have a Carbon Monoxide Detector, and surprisingly many people (wrongly) assume they are covered with just a smoke detector. Bring a Carbon Monoxide Detector, like the
Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector and Alarm that Green Irene sells if you are staying at someone's home for the holidays. It makes a thoughtful gift you can plug in by any combustion appliance (like a gas hot water heater). If they already have one, plug an additional one into an outlet in the bedroom your family is sleeping in.
Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorating

- For holiday lig
hting, go with LEDs. LEDs are more efficient than standard lights (up to hundred times!), more Get A Green Office Makeoverdurable, and much safer and cooler. Operating ten strings of mini-LED lights (as compared to ten strings of wasteful incandescent mini-lights) saves more than $12 in one month. Unplug or use a timer to turn off holiday lights during the day.

- Don't let tradit
ional petroleum-based candles ruin your indoor air quality. Use a Tub-O-Carbon Air Freshener to naturally capture (rather than just cover) odors, and use soy-based candles to fill your home with a warm and welcoming scent without the toxins.

- Decorate naturally. Head out to your yard and find tree branches, bush stems loaded with berries, flowers whose seed heads have dried on the stem and flowering grasses to fill tall vases or baskets. It's more sustainable than buying a plant or flower that may be flown in from South America.
You can also create a natural tablescape with natural elements or fresh fruit like pomegranates, pears, and apples.

- For those with a Christmas tree, try an organic potted tree from your local nursery that can be replanted after the holidays. A single tree can absorb more than one ton of CO2 over its lifetime, so imagine the impact if we all replanted our trees! A few companies in the U.S. allow you to rent a Christmas tree. They'll pick it up and replant it after the holidays are over. If you have a cut tree, be sure to look into local recycling options. Many municipalities and some organizations collect the trees to use for mulch and erosion control. This is much better than having your tree end up in a sealed landfill.

- For years, many considered the purchase of an artificial tree to be the environmentally friendly choice. However, most artificial trees are made from mainly non-renewable plastics, often containing PVC. They are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable.

- Make recycled holiday ornaments from natural materials in the yard or material you find around the house. Not the crafty type? Many stores now offer ornaments made of recycled materials for sale. Another simple option is to string popcorn and cranberries or use hardened gingerbread cookies.

- If you're cooking for the holidays, go local with your food shopping to reduce your carbon footprint. See how much of your meal you can find at your local farmers' markets. For supermarket purchases, try to choose items with minimal packaging to reduce waste. As always, bring reusable bags to reduce waste from disposable shopping bags. If you're bringing your food to so
Turkeymeone else's house, pack your dish in a reusable container.

- Go organic with your ingredients. Don't forget to go organic with beverages as well; look for organic and local wines, beers, and non-alcoholic drinks. Fair-trade chocolate, tea, and coffee will also add some green to your holiday table.

- Green Irene offers a terrific solution that easily produces sparkling water and soda in seconds, eliminating the need to carry, store and dispose of bottles and cans. The SodaStream Penguin Sodamaker uses a carbonator and glass carafe to make dozens of flavors of soda (or just sparkling water) as you need it. R
ather than bottled flat water, invest in a great water filter and fill pitchers of water. This comparison shows what a cheap pitcher filter removes vs. a Premium 10 Stage Filter, like the one Green Irene sells.

- Serving turkey? Choose a heritage bird. Prized for their flavor, heritage turkeys may cost more than conventional birds, but they are raised naturally rather than in an industrial setting. Purchasing a pastured local bird or an organic bird from your supermarket are also other possibilities to consider when looking for the best holiday turkey for your family.

- Recycle and compost while preparing food. Keep a bin handy for glass, plastic and paper trash you can recycle rather than toss. Add vegetable scraps from cooking and dinner to your compost.

- Adjust the thermostat down a couple of degrees during holiday gatherings in cooler climates. The heat from cooking and from your guests will keep your home warm.

- Disposable plasticware is energy intensive to produce and can take thousands of years to degrade in a landfill. Providing cloth napkins and reusable tableware is the best option, but can make for a
lot of cleanup work. When reuse isn't an option, go green at your holiday parties by using biodegradable tableware. Green Irene offers a line of "bagasse" (sugarcane) tableware and cups that fully biodegrade within 60-90 days, unlike plastic or coated paper products which can take thousands of years to decompose. The sugarcane stalk fibers used in its production are also an easily renewed resource, unlike petroleum or wood used in most paper or plastic tableware. If you are using disposable tableware this holiday season, why not make it Biodegradable Sugarcane Tableware, starting at $3.00 for a 25-pack.

- If you're traveling to enjoy dinner at someone else's house, carpool with family, friends, or neighbors. If you need to fly for the holidays, consider purchasing carbon offsets to keep your travel carbon neutral. Green Irene sells a BeGreen Flying Offset card to make this easy.

- Use all the food you make. Send guests home with leftovers in glass or stainless steel rather than wrapped in plastic or aluminum foil. Freeze leftovers in easily reheatable portions.

Reducing Gift Wrapping

- When newspaper comics aren't quite the look you're going for in wrapping presents, consider reusing any gift bWrapped Giftsags that you received last year. Also, try saving wrapping paper for use next year. When buying gift wrap, make sure to value high recycled paper content.

-Consider "wrapping" some presents in a colorful Green Irene Eco-Tote so the recipient can use hundreds
fewer plastic bags in the coming year.

- Don't burn that leftover wrapping paper in the fireplace! The inks and foils used in wrapping paper may contain chemicals that become toxic when burned. If you can't reuse the paper, don't burn it: recycle it.

- For a quick gift tag, reuse last year's holiday cards. Cut off the side that has the signature, thread a ribbon through a corner of the remaining card, and voila!

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