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Sustainable Practices 

Renewable Energy, Watershed Issues, Geography, Education, Tourism & Food

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Renewable Energy
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Welcome to the Arezza Network's Sustainable Practices for Your Community.  

Renewable Energy 

Solar Lighting Applications Communities around the world are looking solar lighting for ways to be greener and more energy efficient. There are many ways that people in a community can get together to implement renewable energy. Here are some great ways to lower costs and reduce environmental impact


EESI logoThe Environmental and Energy Study Institute - EESI - is a non-profit organization advancing innovative policy solutions to set us on a cleaner, more secure and sustainable energy path. Our three-pronged approach for effecting change is based on policy-maker education, coalition building, and policy development. EESI was founded by a bipartisan Congressional caucus in 1984, and its strong relationships with Congress helps EESI serve as a trusted source of credible, non-partisan information on energy and environmental solutions.

Watershed Management and the Environment

epa logoThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a new app and website to find information on the condition of lakes, rivers and streams across the United States. The release marks the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, enacted by Congress on October 18, 1972.


Fact Sheet   Finding Info on Your Waterways   Links


Sustainable Practice Public - Private Partnerships for the Requalification of Dismissed Areas in Urban Communities 


The countryside around the Po River is now a huge expanse Monferrato and the Po River  of fields, but once was a vast brughiera of swamps and forests. Rice fields divided by canals that flood in Spring, the Terre d'Acqua, a water-land populated by many migrant animals - herons, storks, swallows,... 

Geography Education & Tourism

Geography is key to understanding your culture and your territory. Brazil's Census Bureau has compiled a fantastic interactive world fact book; a great way to practice and update your skills.


An Eco Tour for Your Community


Good Practices and Certifications in Ecotourism 

Food & Agriculture


dream food  A New Dream for Our Food


Cooperatives & Communities    


Women and Agriculture 

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