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Our Suzuki community offers an encouraging atmosphere to nurture every child's full potential and love for music.

Online Volume 7, Issue 4
News from The National Capital Suzuki School of Music                                         April 6, 2017                                    

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Upcoming Events
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Sponsors Needed!
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Article Headline
150 Performances Challenge
Outreach Moments
Black and White Sale
Family and Friends Concert
Parent Education Corner
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Upcoming Events 

Kiwanis Instrument Group Events
Class dates and times TBD by the Kiwanis organization
Guitar Kiwanis Classes will take place on April 17th or 18th.
String Kiwanis classes will take place on April 22nd or 29th.

Viva Suzuki 2017 
May 13th, 2017
Cedar view Alliance Church, 2784 Cedarview Rd, Nepean ON

SuzukiMusic is funded by
City of Ottawa
City of Ottawa Arts Funding


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Thank you to all of our Sponsors!

April 23rd to 29th is National Volunteer Week                      
Our Volunteers solve the puzzle of keeping our school running smoothly!

This April 22nd we want to show our appreciation to all of our parent, student and faculty volunteers. If you have already or are planning to volunteer this year, you can drop by the front reception for a small token of appreciation and to have your volunteer fee cheques returned.  Sign up for Viva Volunteering and/or hand in those volunteer hour forms and we will get your cheque back to you on April 22nd.  Click here to download your volunteer hour log.

We are fortunate to have such an involved and caring group of families at our school and we appreciate each and every one of your efforts to help our school be the best it can be. Without the countless volunteer hours shared with our school, we would not be able to function smoothly.  With warm gratitude from your General Manager, Assistant Manager and Board of Directors. 

Corporate Sponsors needed!
Viva Suzuki 2017 Corporate Sponsorship 
We need your help to make our annual end-of-year concert,  Viva Suzuki, a success! This concert raises funds to support our school, our faculty-training fund, as well as providing much-needed support for our sister-school, Vision-Nouvelle, in Haiti. You can contribute as a sponsor in several ways:
  1. Advertising/Sponsorship: Do you or someone you know own your own business? Want to promote your company or services?  We sell ads here in our SuzNews (you're reading it now!) which goes out to 500+ subscribers, as well as in our Viva Suzuki concert program. 
  2. Donate prizes or free services for a student fundraising incentive draw on May 13th.  Students who meet our fundraising challenge will be entered into a draw for prizes - your contribution could be part of the prizes for this incentive draw.
Do any of these options speak to you? If so, please contact Susan at 

Please click here to get more information about Business Sponsorship and Advertising.  
Thanks for taking time to consider how you can help a great cause!!!

Viva Suzuki Student Fundraising 

Each student is asked to sell one box of our Canada 150 Fundraising Chocolate Bars or raise 30$ in pledges.  Together we can make a difference!

For each 30$ raised for our school the student will receive two tickets to Viva Suzuki (30$ value) and 2 tickets to a special incentive prize.  The draw will take place during dress rehearsal on May 13.  

Remember that however you contribute, you are not just helping your school but you're also helping kids just like you at  our sister school in Haiti,Vision Nouvelle.

A reminder that this fundraiser is for all of our students whether they attend Viva Suzuki or not. We all benefit from Faculty Development and we can all feel good about helping our sister school in Haiti. Thank you for your support and energy to this good cause. 

Click the links to get more information about our fundraiser options:

Viva Suzuki Parent Volunteers:
Volunteers needed in a variety of areas including Backstage, Chaperones, Ticket Sales, Flower Sales, Reception etc. 
Please click HERE to sign up or email Susan directly at

150 Performances Challenge

Dear families,

Congratulations to all of those who have been sending their performances for the challenge. We only have 50 more to go!
I encourage new families to try and participate by performing for a neighbour, family members, friends, or at a local event. Now that the weather is getting warmer, why not bring your instrument to the park and play a short concert for other kids? Let's keep having fun with this challenge, I'm sure we can reach our goal! 

Ps: Solo Kiwanis participation will also count, if you can sneak in a picture of your child please send them to me with the description of their performance.

Deadline for submission is April 30th. 

Michelle Iznardo
Artistic Director

Canada 150 Juno MicroGrant Outreach Concert:

We were thrilled to be accepted for a Juno micro grant this winter.  We had the chance to set up a booth at the Shenkman Centre for the Arts. We had a craft (homemade shakers) and a petting zoo for visiting families. We finished our event with a concert in one of the Theatres at the Shenkman Centre for the Arts.  The students enjoyed visiting back stage and 
Warming up in the Greenroom
the use of their very own Green Room for the event. Many thanks to all the students and families who came out to support this special event.  
We gratefully 
acknowledge the support of Ottawa 2017, the  JUNO Host Committee, and the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition in making this event possible. 

Our Second Annual Black and White Sale

Sale dates are Saturday April 8th and April 22nd.
100% of proceeds go to Viva Suzuki. 


Week of July 17 to 21st, 2017
Canterbury HS

Please click here for:
Summer Headstart Brochure
Summer Camp Brochure
Summer Headstart Registration Form
Summer Camp Registration Form

What does SuzukiMusic Summer Camp offer your children?
-high quality music instruction
-the motivation and joy of making music with friends
-the chance to expand on music learned with fiddling classes and ukulele classes.
o o m W h a c k e r
classes for our youngest campers
-physical activity and games
-arts and crafts
-friendship and laughter
-mentorship by reliable Teens
-memories to last a lifetime

Parent Education Corner  
Parents:  How to Get the Most Out of 

We may be in Term 4, but this is a great time to re-focus and re-energize for the home stretch of this school year. 
The following is an article taken from, a website dedicated to Suzuki education.
Private music lessons are time consuming and relatively 
expensive, as are instruments.  Here are some 
suggestions for getting the most out of the experience:
▪ Pack ALL necessary items, music, notebooks, 
 i nstrument IN the case, charts, etc.
▪ Leave early enough to arrive with a few moments 
 to spare.
▪ Even if you are rushed for time to get to the lesson,  or stuck in traffic, adjust your mental state so as to  arrive with a calm demeanor.  This helps kids focus  on t he lesson.  We can't change what happens to us, but  we can change how we react to those things.
▪ Feed yourself and the children.  
Thirsty, hungry people are less able to concentrate 
and learn.
▪ Arrange for sitters for siblings who are likely to 
distract you during the lessons.
▪ Learn about and understand Suzuki's 
Talent Education Philosophy.
▪ Discuss any practicing problems with the 
teacher out of earshot of the student.
▪ Be engaged in the lesson as if a member 
of an audience.  What you see is what you are to 
do at home!
▪ Which means:  Please do not clip coupons, text, 
check emails, read a book, daydreams, 
talk with siblings, doze off....
▪ Take notes in a dedicated notebook, 
not on random slips of paper.
▪ Take detailed notes.  
Many parents take the briefest of notes, 
which are subsequently useless.
▪ Do NOT under any circumstances make 
negative, critical or impatient comments about 
or to your child, his practice habits, or her 
lack of getting a part right, EVEN if she did 
so at home.
▪ Sometimes there is a lot of repetition in a lesson.  
Explore why the repetition is occurring: 
what do you see or hear that changes, and what 
is the teacher after?  Please don't tune it out.
▪ Delight in your child.
▪ Review your notes as soon as is possible.  
The same day is ideal.
▪ Prepare a plan for home practice for the week.  
Do you need any new games, attitudes, ideas to 
add enthusiasm for you or your child to the practice 
▪ Practicing immediately after getting home is the 
most productive time of the week, as the lesson's
teaching points are freshest in the minds of 
everyone.  It can be a short practice, just hitting 
the highlights.  Do no equate a lesson with 
practice time.  They are not the same!
▪ Make notes during the week of things that you 
or your child don't understand, or are having 
trouble executing, noting measure numbers 
if appropriate.  Prepare your child to share 
these with the teachers at the next lesson.
▪ Learn how to facilitate and encourage 
regular practice.  Teach and nurture at your 
child's level as they can't understand yours.
▪ Be patients and above all:  Nurture with love.
                                                                                    © 2012 Susan A. Sommerville                                         all rights reserved

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