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Swami Gone Bananas - Something
Swami Gone Bananas - "Something"


At the beginning of the video above, when Swami says, "Thanks Ryan & Lydia for putting a Tom Waits ticket to the Fox 'in my love monkey'", he's talking about a 'tip jar' that the couple made for us.....which was stolen by golfers at the Masters in Augusta last year. (golfers....really?)

(This could be a ploy to get you to watch the video).

We WILL be doing classic rock songs like this with Atlanta's 'Sugar Kayne' next month @ The 2nd Annual Visionary Arts Festival.....

More details below.


 This was the last night of our 2 year run @ Charlie Mopp's. We played 112 Sunday nights in a row to great houses filled with industry types like bartenders, musicians, actors, and everyone who was off on Monday. During the breaks Swami would play famous 'live' concert footage on the big screen, which became a big hit, but the bigger 'hit' (pun intended) was the legendary "Green Room" in the parking lot hosted by the lovable DRU BAER.

Picnic tables & a big tarp overhead would have been enough, but Dru also brought art, flow toys, vari-lights, and a fire pit. Sometimes Area 51 would bring laser beams. Now, you would think that this would draw alot of attention. It did. But not unlike the lyrics of the song 'Monterey', "Even The Cops Grooved With Us, Do You Believe Me Yeah", we caught a break from the boys in blue. The notorious & hugh 'coke' bar, "American Pie", was right up the street. So the Police would tell us that after dealing with those guys, dealing with us was like taking a break. One cop told me that,"All we ever worried about from you guys was driving too slow", which he said we did when we left alot......BUSTED......  


Ace sideman & fur trapper Jerry Sorn sitting in later that last night at Charlie Mopp's. Some of you were asking me about those days, so I found the video and some pix.


Tommy's face was not harmed in this photo.




Halloween Night 2009.....A great night. We set off the fire alarm with our fog machine. Note the 'love monkey' on top of the monitor......

We miss that monkey......   





You can find Swami @ SHORTY'S on Thursdays where Atlanta's best 'thin-crust' pizza lives, & @ PARISH on Fridays every week starting at 7pm. Both of these venues have live music all week, killer menus, and are smoke free....Yay! 



Swami After Dark on the radio @ WATB 1420am every Tuesday

from 6 to 11pm.  Local music, songs you've never heard before, and that cool, no smack Swami vibe! 

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Blues Say Goodbye by T. Dean and M. Ewbank
Blues Say Goodbye by T. Dean and M. Ewbank



 Moose & Squirrel in Tux 

To find out where Mike & Tommy are performing anytime, 
go to their website,


To view Tommy singing Swami Gone Bananas' rendition of "Gotta Keep the Devil Way Down in the Hole",
click here or on his picture.
It has over 35,000 hits!
  Swami Gone Bananas will be performing classic rock with Sugar Kayne @ the 2nd Annual Visionary Arts Festival on Saturday, Oct. 20th!!   
 Alex Grey new image 2011 

 Vincent Tseng  

If you watch bands anywhere in Atlanta, then you have seen Vincent Tseng taking pictures of them. Most of the pictures on this newsletter are Vincent's work.



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Lefty Williams


  Lefty Williams Jams Poster 2011 

 Theme Nights are back! Click on Lefty's page for all the info!




Every Monday Bella's Pizzeria features "Lefty Williams Jams" open mic with real players playing real material, not just blues jams.
There are always professionals there that play and that you can talk to if you want to. A complete backline with drums, bass & guitar amps, and keys are provided to make it as easy as it can be. Just bring sticks and guitars.


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 Swami with drums 2009 Halloween 

Ewbank Costume 2009 

  Mike Ewbank



Tommy Dean


 Jerry in Black Face 

Jerry Sorn 


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  Music Scene

Sept. 21st         

Tye Dyed -LIVE Poster 2011     

 These guys were the other half of Swami Gone Bananas back in the 20th Century. So if you are on the west side of town on Friday, go see Tye Dyed @ Nik's, and if you are on the east side, come see us @ The Tin Roof Cantina. 


Swami sez:    K  N  D 

Sept. 22nd         


 Swami Fans: For Fine K I N D music like ya read about, go to the Legacy Grille in Kennesaw & see these guys this Saturday. They wrap themselves around the Dead in a way that keeps you warm & a fire.


Swami sez:    K  N  D


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Scott Glazer hosts The Midday Mix every Monday-Friday from 11am-2pm and
The Long Drive Home every Tuesday from 5pm-7pm. And don't let the name fool you. This is not Classical. Scott plays Americana, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Folk, Rock.....If it's good, Scott finds it & plays it. Rat Pack is my favorite.......Tune in and listen....... 

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Halloween Swami 2009




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