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Setting Yourself Up For Success

The most successful individuals in life, regardless of career choice or circumstances, have one big trait in common. They set goals for themselves.
As we quickly approach the end of the year, now is the most common time to review past goals and start making new goals. At Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping, we encourage our members to make goals consistently throughout the year. Once you've reached a goal, set another one.
Why is goal-setting so important? There are many reasons, but here are just a few:
  1. Goals give purpose, focus, and direction.
Having a goal and knowing the direction you want to go, whether it be in your career, in your family, in your friendships, etc., gives you the focus to stay on target. Without a goal in mind, your efforts can be misguided and distractions can set in easily. Having a goal helps you direct your energy and efforts.
  1. Goals allow you to track progress.
When you set a goal or goals, you most likely will have a way to track your progress as you've identified how to get to that goal. For instance, if you're trying to reduce the number of sugary drinks you consume each week, write it down and review. Maybe your goal is getting to Farrell's five times a week. These are all measureable goals that keep you focused.
  1. Goals keep you accountable and motivated.
Setting a goal, writing it down, and sharing it with close friends and family has a way of keeping us accountable and avoiding procrastination. Goals have more staying power than just a thought or wish. As well as keeping you accountable, they also give you motivation. Having something to work towards that has an endpoint helps us make better decisions and gives us motivation to get there.
At Farrell's, we encourage everyone, members and not, to review their past year. Did you set goals for yourself? Did you achieve them? If not, identify why not. Maybe they were too long or too big. We recommend any goal more than a month or two should be broken down into smaller goals to help stay on track.
After reviewing your past year, sit down and write out your goal(s) for the coming 2018 year. Share these with your family, friends, and coaches at Farrell's. Let us help you stay accountable to reach these goals and become successful in all parts of your life.
Give the Gift of Health This Holiday Season!
Do you have some hard-to-shop for friends and family? Consider thinking outside the box with these healthy Farrell's gift ideas!
  1. Farrell's Membership. Great for yourself or a loved one. Ask family to gift you another year of FIT, or a 3-month FIT membership. Get a Farrell's gift card for a percentage off a session or purchase a membership for a family member or friend to work out with you. Not only will you gain a workout partner, but they'll gain a healthy lifestyle that you can both bond over!
  2. MYZONE Heart-Rate Belt. We offer the MYZONE heart-rate device, which is a great gift for all Farrell's members. If you've been thinking about getting one for yourself, add this to your gift list for family to purchase for you and let the fun begin! Heck, they may like it as well and want to sign-up to get their own!
  3. Set of Bands. Never miss another strength training day with a set of bands! Ask your family to purchase a set so you can always have them on hand while traveling or unable to make it to class.
  4. Farrell's Apparel and Merchandise. Are you in need of new wraps, gloves, or fitness apparel? Browse your local Farrell's merchandise and add some items to your holiday list. You can never have too many shirts or wraps!
  5. Farrell's Cookbook. Looking for more meal ideas? Have them pick up a Farrell's cookbook loaded with hundreds of healthy recipes for meals and snacks.
  6. Farrell's by the Sea 2018! Who doesn't want to go to Jamaica!Tell your spouse or significant other that instead of gifts, you want to travel to Jamaica and enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences working out on the beach and having fun with other Farrell's members and family!
The best part about these gifts is that they all keep on giving - in the form of continuing a healthy lifestyle!
Join Us For Farrell's By The Sea 2018!

As the weather starts to get colder and as you're setting new goals for 2018, consider setting a goal to get in shape or maintain and reward yourself by attending our fourth Annual Farrell's by the Sea trip to the beautiful Meliá Braco Village in Trelawny, Jamaica!
From beach workouts with Founder Lance Farrell and other members to fun excursions and an all-inclusive resort, you won't want to miss this opportunity to have fun in the sun with Farrell's family and friends from around the country!
Trip Details:
When: April 19 - 23, 2018
Where: Meliá Braco Village, Trelawny, Jamaica
What's even better! You don't have to be a member to join the trip! If you have a spouse, friend, family member or special someone, they are all welcome to come along and relax with the Farrell's family!
For rates, resort amenities, more trip information and to register, click here!
Don't wait to get your spot in the sand and relax with Farrell's!
Food For Thought
Sweet Swaps for Holiday Baking
The holidays bring out all the baked goodies and sweets. Instead of avoiding, try these sweet and healthier substitutions in your holiday baking!
Added Nutrients: You'll cut down on calories and add in healthier nutrients when you use fruit and veggie purees instead of eggs and oils. Bananas, applesauce, prunes or dates, and canned pumpkin or sweet potatoes are all great alternatives depending on what you're baking. Click here for what alternatives to use for each.

Flour Power: Try substituting white flour with whole wheat, white whole wheat, coconut, almond, or other healthier flour substitutes. You can also consider adding a little bit of protein powder to get a boost. Just check for measurements.
Skip the Frosting: Frosting can pack a lot of of empty calories. Consider sprinkling powdered sugar or, if you can't resist some icing on those cookies and cakes, consider using a reduced-fat cream cheese icing.
Switch the Sugar: Try using agave nectar instead of sugar, which is sweeter than sugar and has a lower glycemic index. Check out the substitution measurements here.
Make them Mini: If you're adding chocolate chips or dried fruits to cookies or cakes, use mini morsels or cut up into fine pieces and use half to cut out a lot of calories. The smaller pieces will make you feel like you're getting the same as regular morsels. Make sure to also use a tablespoon to measure out cookie portions, which is the correct portion size. For cakes and brownies, they should be two inch pieces for correct portions.

Member News
Join Us For a Celebration!

FIT Members Wanted!

Donation Opportunity

Every year the Toys for Tots program collects new, unwrapped toys to distribute to children in need. Please join us in supporting this great program by making a donation.

You can drop off new, unwrapped toys anytime between now and December 14.
Life at Level 10 Blog
 Grateful for Farrell's

I thought I would start Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping to lose some weight I had hanging out since having kids, but I didn't know that it would have a major impact on other health issues I faced. I have fought headaches, anxiety, and depression for a long time. In 2016, it seemed like my headaches were getting worse and worse. I had gone to the doctor to figure out what I could do. I was prescribed medication that meant I had to take one pill every day and another pill when the headaches would pretty much stop me in my tracks. The anxiety and depression I just lived with because years ago I took medication and it dulled my personality. My husband actually called me a zombie when I was on medication for them. So, I dealt with them and had coping mechanisms when I had an episode of depression or an anxiety attack. 

Click here to read her full story. For more transformation stories, fitness and nutrition news subscribe to our Life at Level 10 blog.

Try these sweet and healthy sensations in place of your usual holiday treats!

Find more recipes like these in our Farrell's cookbook and on our Pinterest page !
National Challenge
Did you know we have an annual National Challenge in which we award two Farrell's members with $10,000 each? This award goes to one male and one female member across all Farrell's locations that have the biggest transformations over the course of one year. A lot can change in one year, which is why it's an annual challenge.
It's a great way to keep motivated and continue to live Life at Level 10® throughout the year - with a pretty big payoff if you win! You have two weeks after your 10-week challenge to register for this, so if you're currently in your 10-week challenge, consider joining the National Challenge after your 10 weeks and see just how much you can transform! For more information or to register check out our website or ask your head coach or manager. 
Become a Franchise Owner!

Are you looking for a new Farrell's challenge? How about setting a goal to one day open your own Farrell's Franchise! All Farrell's Franchise owners are previous members, and that's the way it's going to continue because only members understand the true potential of the program. If you're interested in becoming a franchisee, check out this page for more information!

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