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Georges & Grand Banks
We have some beautiful dayboat Scallops coming in from the Georges Banks area in 10/20's and U/12's. This area will be open until August 15 th. Keep in mind, demand is high. There are separate areas off the east coast that open and close to keep the Scallop stocks healthy. Grand Banks is proud to offer first of the season Swordfish, set to arrive late this week, availability will be limited early in the season, but things will eventually amp up.  Is Shark week coming up already?  The Grand Banks will also begin supplying seriously delicious Shortfin Mako Shark. Mako is super versatile in the kitchen and can be grilled, broiled, sautéed, stir-fried, and poached. The possibilities are endless. 

Wild Bass, Local Favorites and More
This week, enjoy some of the nicest Black Sea Bass and Wild Striped Bass of the season.  Massachusetts fishermen are catching Black Sea Bass in pots and by rod and reel in waters such as Nantucket Sound.  The fish are caught and brought out of the water still alive and quickly harvested in ice.  This way, they're sent to Samuels firm with bright red gills and a beautiful color.   Wild Striped Bass are being caught by small Massachusetts vessels and also by fishermen off the surf with their rod and reel.  What's really impressive is the big eight pound and up fish of perfect quality.  Availability is good, however, the Rhode Island season for both fish has just ended. Stay in touch with your sales agent.  We also recommend staying in touch with your sales agent regarding Mahi and Grouper availability.  June, July and August are usually poor months for Mahi catch in waters off the South America coast. In addition, large Mahi producing countries such as Panama and Brazil now have limited catch.  A great alternative for the same applications is sustainable Open Blue Cobia.  Other great catch this week includes Squid caught off the coast of Rhode Island just outside the Charlestown Breachway, Viking Village Tilefish and all sizes of American Red Snapper.

Crabs, Crabs and...Crabs
Samuels Crab Alley is an exciting place to be. We're bringing in bushels of Hard Shell Crabs from New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina and Louisiana.  Live Crab availability is always day to day and there has been some stormy weather down south affecting availability.  From giant sized Louisiana Crabs to number two North Carolina Crabs, our purchaser is keeping in touch with all of the best watermen and is dedicated to keeping us stocked.  Soft Shell Crabs are also very day to day, which makes them perfect as a menu special for your summertime guests.  Keep your sales agent in the loop with what you need and they'll take extra care of you.

Looking Forward
As a special treat, we're looking forward to extra jumbo Nordic Redfish coming in this week.  Caught South of Iceland, Nordic Redfish, or "Rosefish" have an alluring red skin and medium firm meat that cooks up a white and sweet meat.  What's special about this shipment is the great 14 oz size of the fillets!

Win a Trip to Japan with the 
th Annual Ora King Awards 
It's time for your cuisine to take you places. The 5th Annual Ora King Awards are happening right now, and you have the chance to win! This year for their anniversary, Ora King is taking the awards to Japan. Award finalists from New Zealand, Australia, and North America will join the Ora King team, along with the Japanese Awards finalists, for a once-in-a-lifetime chef's tour of Tokyo and Hakone. To enter, all you need to do is create an Ora King dish with a Japanese twist. The interpretation of "Japanese twist" is entirely up to you, the chef. You may convey this in the ingredients used, techniques, presentation, or merely inspiration. Follow the link here to enter:

Jumbo Nordic Redfish, AKA Millennium Fish
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