Families traveling long distance have a convenient alternative to transporting their student’s belongings to campus.  The University works exclusively with Lazybones Storage to facilitate the early shipment of most anything that one would wish to send. Lazybones is the University’s only authorized storage company, and the only company that is permitted access to the University’s residence halls. SU and Lazybones have worked together for more than 15 years. 

Items shipped to Lazybones will be delivered to students’ fall housing assignment, and placed directly in the student’s room prior to their arrival.  Families that wish to take advantage of this opportunity should open an account with Lazybones, and ensure that Lazybones receives all shipped items by August 1. For more details, visit http://www.mylazybones.com.

SU staff will work with Lazybones to coordinate the delivery of students’ belongings to their rooms.  And, when it comes time to think about taking it all home with you or storing it for the summer, Lazybones also provides summer storage. They can be reached at 877-215-2105, or via email at wecare@mylazybones.com.