Texas Auctioneers Association - Block Talk - July 2016

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Submitted by: Wes Pool, TAA Board of Director
As a charity auctioneer, we face a variety of issues that could impact the success of an auction. After meeting with client after client, it is easy to assume the auction basics are covered without even asking.  My advice to you is: Never Assume Anything! There is a saying that goes along with the word "assume", but I will leave that up to your imagination. I recently conducted an event for the third consecutive year. In years past there had been no issues. Table decorations were appropriate and not too tall, sound was great, lighting was great, etc.  This past year, I made the mistake of assuming all would be good again.  Fast forward to auction night (after meeting with the client twice). I assumed the sound would be good, as it was in the past. As it turns out,  the venue manager had convinced the client that the overhead "house" sound was great and sufficient for their crowd.  We all know house sound typically spells disaster. So the event ended up with horrible sound, but we still were able to make this auction a success. The outcome could have been very different!  If the auction had been bad due to sound, the audience would only remember "poor auction" and that I was the auctioneer. Make yourself a checklist and never assume anything!

Submitted by: Colette Mayers, TAA Board of Director  

A printhead always goes out when you need to print a proposal.
Stepping in for the rescue was OfficeMax.
What a rescue!!

I used the TAA Member Benefit Code and dropped my printing from $23.00 to a little over $8.00!

I think it was actually cheaper to print out everything at OfficeMax versus my office printer.

This is just 1 happy story of using our Membership Benefits to their best ability.  Share yours!
in conjunction with Red Steagall Cowboy Festival

OCTOBER 28, 2016 
11:30am - 4:00pm
The " Texas Lone Star Open" Bid Calling Contest is scheduled for October 28, 2016 in Fort Worth, TX.  In conjunction with the "Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering" at the Historic Fort Worth Stock Yards Coliseum. This is a straight contest expressing auctioneering skills, in a great environment. All Auctioneers from across the country are invited to come and compete in what will become one of the premier contest in the country.  Registration will begin soon. This is open to Women and Men who are interested in showing their skills and abilities in the auction industry. 

More details including registration and sponsorship opportunities can be found online at www.TexasLoneStarOpen.com!!
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