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We have been working on a bunch of fun projects recently! Check out the updates below!
Get your tickets while they last! 

 TADM Exhibits
Awaiting Paint! 
We have finished construction on our new display cases donated by the Tulsa Questers. They are now waiting to have a dazzling deco paint job! They will be in the Philcade by mid-May! 
New Exhibit Backdrop! 
We have started building a new backdrop for one of our exhibit windows! This backdrop will be red and metalic silver. This backdrop will serve for one of our rotating collection windows! 
TADM Volunteers

Our new volunteer Docent, Katherine gives tours of our museum exhibits every other Saturday. When you plan your next visit to the museum be sure and request a tour from Katherine! 

Matthew is a college student currently studying to become a neurologist. He helps Saturday afternoons in the museum store! 
We greatly appreciate all of the hard work that all of our volunteers do for the museum! These are just a few of the many that have helped our ever growing museum!
Join the Tulsa Art Deco Museum!
Becoming a member of the Tulsa Art Deco Museum helps us to maintain and create exhibits for the museum. So please, take some time and join the Tulsa Art Deco Museum! Click the link below.  Now, by joining you are also joining the Art Deco Society of Tulsa, the social organization of the Tulsa Art Deco Museum!

Tulsa Art Deco

The Tulsa Building and Club

In 1922 the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce held a design competition for the design of their new building. Bruce Goff who was interning for Rush, Endacott, & Rush won the competition. Between 1922 and 1925, the Chamber joined forces with the Tulsa Club and decided to construct a much larger building. Bruce Goff was retained as the architect and plans for the building were completed in 1925 when Goff was only 21 years of age. The Tulsa Club Building opened in December of 1927. The sculpture that once stood above the doorway even attracted the attention of sculptor Alfonso Iannelli. He noticed it on his way to the train station, and upon passing the construction site he went immediately to meet the architect, Bruce Goff. The building has been left abandoned for over 20 years and many of the original details are missing.

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TAD & Flapper Flora


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