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Winter 2012 Newsletter
Hello Fellow Billiard Enthusiasts, 

Welcome to TAP's first  newsletter. We at TAP are very excited to bring this form of communication to the masses without destroying a single tree. A early spring, summer and fall issue are also scheduled each year. Our goal with these newsletters is to reach out and inform as many of our members (and non members alike) on the happenings of the hottest billiard league in the country that is known simply as...TAP.  We plan to touch on what's new that TAP offers our members, results of major events such as nationals and the dream team event at the Super Billiard Expo as well as recognizing teams and individuals that show the TAP competitive spirit and sportsmanship. And we won't forget to throw a shout out to our TAP league licensees. After all, they are the glue that holds your league together. So let's get to it and...TAP ON!
Loyd Schonter
TAP Founder/CEO


2012 Nationals 
Little River, SC, Nov. 28th, 2012
  TAP's National Event kicked off on Friday, November 2nd at Embassy Suites Charleston Convention Center in South Carolina with the TAP National Party provided by the TAP Corporate office.  
The Best of the Best Teams from all over the USA and Canada came to play for the coveted National Titles in 8 Ball and 9 Ball Team and Singles events. TAPs signature event Rally Blue Gray Dream Team event was also held in conjunction with the Nationals.


Play started on November 3rd and continued through November 6th, when the winners were awarded their prizes and trophies in all events. 


Competition throughout the event was impressive.  Several "on the hill" matches were played by all.  Some great amateur play happened as some matches were live broadcast by Lavalinked, for the first time, testing out this new endeavor.


National 8 Ball Team 2012  


1st- Place Terry's All Stars , KS (Picture below)
2nd Place - 14 Balls and A Pocket, NJ
3rd/4th Place - Finish Line, TX and Going the Distance, NY
5th-8th Place - Laughing Bear, OH; Tommy's Sports Bar, PA; 
Team Punishment, OH;  Doyle Rules, NJ

National 9 Ball Team 2012


1st Place R U Kidding Me?, TAP Canada (Picture below)
2nd Place - George Lopez Crew, CO
3rd/4th Place - TAP Dat and Longhorns, PA
5th-8th Place - The Great Eight, GA; TOMF, WA; Pocket Monsters, FL, and Muskrats, PA

Rally Blue Gray Dream Team Event 2012 


1st Place  Don't Laugh Your Next, NC 
2nd Place - White Hawk, PA
3rd/4th Place - Big Game Hunters, PA and TAP Toronto, Canada
5th - 8th Place - Smokin Mirrors, NY; Tommy's Sport Bar II, PA; Jacobs Gun Slingers, PA and Northcoast TAP Destroyers, OH

Singles 2/3 8 Ball Champion - Kevin Adams, Jr., OH
Singles 4 8 Ball Champion - Amanda Karrip, MI
Singles 5 8 Ball Champion - Ron Beach, FL
Singles 6 8 Ball Champion - Gale Flick, Jr., PA
Singles 7 8 Ball Champion - Skyler Woodward, KY

Singles 2/3 9 Ball Champion - Omar Nassif, FL
Singles 4/5 9 Ball Champion - Bill Varkonyi, OH
Singles 6/7 9 Ball Champion - Rob Brandenburg, Canada


Congratulations to all of our National Champions for 2012!


McDermott Handcrafted Cues, TAP's Cue Sponsor, was onsite with TAP Members Only Specials, and provided instruction and sales of their products. 
D & D Cue Repair provided repair and cleaning of the players' cues, as they do at all TAP events. 
Connoisseur Cues and Billy's Billiard Supplies were also on hand at the event selling a variety of high end cues, custom cues and pool accessories. 
Sharkin U Apparel once again provided sales of their popular demand apparel line and provided gift packages to each of the singles event winners.
Sticky Fingers in Mt. Pleasant provided shuttle service to and from their facility, which was much appreciated by the TAP players, as they enjoyed their great food and atmosphere of their restaurant.


TAP Apparel showcased their new line of apparel coming out on the TAP Online store as well as their new full line of customized products they can do for TAP Players and their Licensees.  


North Park Grille provided discounts and lunch specials to the TAP players at their facility with 18 Pool Tables, Sports Bar with Large Screen TVs and Entertainment each night.


Sam Rullo, TAP Sales Director, provided tours of Pool Net to the players to show how to login to their member profiles, answer questions, and showed prospects in South Carolina what TAP has to offer in their areas.


TAP's best of the best from all over the USA and Canada were getting ready for this TAP National event, when Hurricane Sandy came ashore.  What it revealed was several type of Champions, those that irregardless of what they had endured were coming to Nationals, those that were not affected reaching out to those that were and those that could not make it due to the devastation she played on their lives had endured and survived revealing the real hearts of the Champions they all are. The Nationals went as scheduled, but it never left the TAP families mind of what each and every champion had gone through and continued to go thru as we were having the event..  Plans are being made to reach out to our brothers and sisters who could not be with us, in the weeks and months to come. 
In closing, TAP would like to thank and acknowledge our National director Bruce Williamson, VP of operations Kelly Senior and the all of our tournament directors and referees for stepping up and doing a great job. Also the Embassy Suites, Ed Hagens, LavaLinked our sponsors and vendors and everyone of the new TAP licensees that jumped in and were eager to learn the ropes on directing a national event. You all did a fantastic job in making this event run smooth.    
     National 8 Ball Team Champs
                                Terry's All Stars
            9 BALL RU KIDDING ME
                   National 9 Ball Team Champs
                            R U Kidding Me?
TAP In Canada
tap canada 10


If you walk into any pool hall in Guelph, Ontario chances are you'll meet someone who plays TAP. The birthplace of TAP Canada, Tony's Billiards in downtown Guelph is abuzz several nights a week with players  stroking, pocketing, spinning and stunning. There are miscues and scratches, carems and combos, and high-fives with a banked 8-ball. The fun is infectious.

"We've come a long way in ten years. And I'm proud of that," said Bruce Williamson, Master Licensee for TAP Canada.

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary this September, TAP Canada has really grown up. When it first launched that September back in 2002, there were only 9 teams. Today, the league has grown to 130 teams and over 1000 members, stretching from Guelph into Kitchener-Waterloo, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough, Sudbury and Airdrie (Alberta). 

"We credit our success to rewarding our players. No other league gives as much back to the player as TAP," explained Williamson. "Winnings - in cash and prizes - come from the league fees players pay each week. Since 2002, we've awarded our players almost $750,000.  As a percentage of fees, that's huge. We've already given away $100,000 so far this year. The other leagues don't even come close."

But TAP is more than just a competitive pool league with great prizes. At its heart, it's a community of people who come to know one another well, develop strong ties and loyalty, and form deep friendships.

Katherine Deveau, league Operator and web designer , has been with TAP Canada since day one. "Some of my best friendships were made on these tables. My closest friends, my husband, my kids...they all play TAP."

Deveau insists it's the players who make the league so special. "Some of the best pool players around play TAP. At the same time, we  have new players who have never picked up a cue before. The veterans teach the new ones and that's how the league grows. It's amazing to watch a new player blossom like that. No matter what your skill level when you start playing with TAP, you're going to get better. And you'll make a friend or two along the way."

So what's next for TAP Canada? "In May 2013, we'll be hosting our first annual TAP Provincial Classic, with total prizes exceeding $75,000," says Williamson, proudly. "We expect over 100 teams - 8 ball and 9 ball - to attend. This will be the largest pool tournament in Canada. All of us on the TAP Canada team are very excited!"

"We owe a huge thank you to all of our players, past and present. Their dedication, their input, their competitiveness has made us who we are today. We promise to make the next ten years even better!"

For more information or to start playing in TAP Canada, please visit


www.tapleague.ca  or find us on Facebook at /TAPCanada.


Want To Make a Few Extra Bucks?
Sam Rullo
TAP Sales

How would you like to help TAP grow, make a few dollars and get your name in our next newsletter in the process? TAP sales department is offering a bounty on finding us new licensees for the areas we are not in at this time. We get calls all the time on players wanting to compete in TAP but unfortunately we are not in their area. It takes a very special and motivated person to start a league and we need your help. So, if you know anyone that might be interested in starting a TAP league, TAP will give you a $200 finders fee upon completion of the new licensees Pool-Net training. Larger populated areas will receive an even larger finders fee. Call me at 800-984-7665 ext 2 or email me at tappool@aol.com

national posters
              TAP.....The league that goes places!

 Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Louisville, plus Chicago in 2013 and Dallas in 2014

We would like to thank you for taking the time to check out our first quarterly newsletter. If you have any questions or like what you see and would like to give us your input or feedback, feel free to call the TAP office. 800-984-7665 or go to tapleague.com for more info.





The TAP corporate office would like to wish all of our members and sponsors a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year.


4315 Magnum Street 
Suite D
Little River, S.C. 29566 
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What's New
Fall 2012 TAP Licensees


ed hobbs

Welcome to TAP


TAP would like to welcome these new licensees and their members. They started their inaugural session this past fall or will start shortly. Welcome to the TAP family.
Chester County TAP and areas of Montgomery County, (Pa.)
Jen and Don Fry
Houston TAP (Tex)
Charlie Buckner
Bucks County TAP, (Pa.)
Rob Gorski and Mike Callanan

Montgomery County Area TAP and areas 
of North East Philly, (Pa.)
Henry Kallas

Philly TAP (Pa.)
Philadelphis County
Paul Stilwell and Dan Coughlan

this new area added on by a existing licensee.
TAP Northwest 
Benton County, Arkansas
Adam Morano
What's New With TAP
live stream  
TAP LLC is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement to partner up with a exciting up and coming live streaming company called Lavalinked. TAP has a one year exclusive deal with Lavalinked, being the only billiard league in th
e world that will have access to their state of the art live streaming capabilities. 

TAP Founder/CEO, Loyd Schonter stated, "This is all about TAP's commitment in serving our members with the best technology available." TAP licensees will now be able to offer free of charge live streaming at all Local and National events with Hi-Def quality buy simply providing the live stream link on your local league web site shown below or just visit TAP's national site which has easy access to the link www.tapleague.com Loyd also stated that live streaming events isn't anything new, however not of the quality he would like to show his players or Licensees.. He feels he has found the answer with Lavalinked and looks forward in working together offering fantastic live streaming to the TAP player.
Some of the features offered will be recording capabilities for later viewing and elastrator for commentators to diagram possible shots. Since Lavalinked does not use bandwidths they are not restricted by Internet speeds making it possible to provide Hi Def quality and a overall better viewing experience compared to the current broadcasts seen now. It will be as simple as setting a web cam in place and clicking a button on your laptop.  
Licensees that participate in providing live stream coverage of their events will benefit by better serving
their members as well as revenue generated by the sponsorship banners that Lavalinked provides. This will help offset some of the cost of running your events. This is a home run for TAP, Lavalinked, our licensees and especially the players. Here is the link where you will need to go to see the broadcasts.  
rally at edison


Here are your Rally at Edison registration forms for 8 and 9 ball team and singles. To be eligible you must have 6 matches in Pool-Net from November 1, 2012 to March 1, 2013, be on a active team and be a member in good standing with TAP.
8 ball valley form
expo reg

Check Your Stats

Still trying to figure out how to get your shooting stats? Here are the 5 easy steps you need to take.

1. Contact your league licensee or go to the TAP help desk and ask for your temporary password.
2. Go to tapleague.com and click on the "Player Module Login" on the right.
3. Enter your player ID # into the username. This never changes.
4. Enter your  temporary password and submit. You will be asked to change it to your own personal password.
5. Submit and then click on player scout or edit your own personal info.
Five easy steps and it's all free, compliments of TAP!
PS...More exciting upgrades to Pool-Net are in store and will be available to our members very shortly. Some of these new features will include player top 10 MVP listings for each handicap group both on a national and local level.