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Hal Leonard Music Technology Retailer Update / August 2017

Summer NAMM 2017 in Nashville this July was a huge success! Thanks to all who stopped by our booth or joined us for Happy Hour. Contact your sales rep to place your post show orders and get info on our latest specials.

Audio, Gear, Drums & Accessories 2017 Addendum
from Hal Leonard

This brochure features the newest releases of products since the publication of our 2017 Recording & Live Sound and Instruments & Accessories catalogs.

Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep to include a copy of this brochure with your next order, or  view a PDF here

Raspberry Studio
from Blue Microphones

Raspberry Studio is the ultimate mobile recording system for vocals and instruments. Informed by Blue's illustrious studio heritage, the Raspberry microphone delivers dramatic, studio-quality sound directly to your laptop or mobile device. With custom recording software from PreSonus, advanced mastering software from iZotope, and a collection of quick start templates, Raspberry Studio makes it easy to produce professional recordings on the go.
Studio 2|6 & Studio 6|8 
USB Audio Interfaces with
XMAX Preamps from PreSonus

  • Records up to 24-bit, 192 kHz audio
  • Includes XMAX-L solid-state preamps and high-end converters
  • Comes with Studio One Artist DAW software for Mac and Windows
  • 115 dB of dynamic range 
  • Cue Mix A/B function lets you toggle between two mixes while monitoring through headphones
00237317 - MSRP $259.95 - MAP $199.95

  • Records up to 24-bit, 192 kHz audio
  • Includes four XMAX Class A preamps and high-end converters
  • Comes with Studio One Artist DAW software for Mac and Windows
  • 115 dB of dynamic range 
  • Cue mix monitoring with an ear-bleedingly loud headphone amp
  • Cue Mix A/B function lets you toggle between two mixes while monitoring through headphones
  • Six LED meters indicate input and output levels
00237318 - MSRP $389.95 - MAP $299.95

Also available:
00237319 - AudioBox USB 96 - MSRP $129.95 - MAP $99.95

26 x 32 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface/Studio Command
Center from PreSonus

Taking full advantage of the high-speed Thunderbolt 2, Quantum delivers up to 26 inputs and 32 outputs, with extremely low latency. Boasting superb audio quality; 24-bit, 192 kHz recording and playback; recallable XMAX microphone preamps; and the ability to expand your system as your needs grow, it's a great choice for a wide variety of professional and semi-pro producers and electronic musicians.

00237320 - MSRP $1299.95 - MAP $999.95

M-Track 2x2 Vocal Pro Studio Bundle
from M-Audio

Enter the world of studio-based recording with this ultimate all-in-one solution for computer recording projects. Combining the critically acclaimed M-Track 2X2 interface, HDH40 headphones, a Nova Black condenser microphone, XLR cable and the premium C-Series Software Suite, laying down vocal tracks, recording electric and acoustic instruments and adding voice-overs to multimedia projects has never been easier. With the M-Track 2X2 Vocal Studio Pro, the combination of high-performance hardware and easy-to-use software results in pro-grade audio capture for every recording scenario.

00243943 - MSRP $449.00 - MAP $199.00

BXD3 Series
Powered Studio Reference Monitors
from M-Audio

A studio monitor is no ordinary loudspeaker. Unlike a conventional speaker, a true monitor must be unerringly accurate, with a flat frequency response and vanishingly low distortion. It has to tell you, the music producer - dependably and unquestionably - exactly what is or is not in your recording. In a studio-grade monitor speaker, there is no place for the usual list of speaker colorations and limitations prevalent in conventional loudspeakers. Response peaks/dips, uneven polar response, high THD, nasal midrange, bloated mid-bass, and crossover-induced phase incoherence do nothing but undermine the confidence demanded for superior mix performance.

00243945 - BX5 D3 - MSRP $249.00 - MAP $149.00
00243944 - BX8 D3 - MSRP $349.00 - MAP $249.00

Hammer 88
USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
from M-Audio

At the heart of Hammer 88 are 88 velocity-sensitive, fully-weighted hammer-action keys that are guaranteed to faithfully capture every subtle nuance of your performance, while providing the unmatched response of a traditional grand piano - classic feel fused with the unrivaled sonic capabilities of virtual instruments. 

00243946 - MSRP $699.00 - MAP $399.00

PED Pro 2
Switch 4.0 Bluetooth Controller from AirTurn

This foot switch for Bluetooth 4.0 tablets and computers allows you to scroll through lyrics or tabs, turn pages, change effects, or manage backtracks. You can also manage presentations such as Keynote and Powerpoint in PED pro, and use it with assistive technology apps.

00241086 - MSRP/MAP $69.00

Pro Tools Renewals 
Boxed Edition Software from Avid

Renew your annual subscription to Pro Tools and get the latest updates and features with these new boxed editions. Ask your sales rep for more details.

Pro Tools Annual Subscription Renewal
00249806 - Professional - MSRP/MAP $299.99
00249807 - Student/Teacher - MSRP/MAP $99.99
00249808 - Institutional - MSRP/MAP $99.99

Pro Tools HD Annual Subscription Renewal
00249809 - Professional - MSRP/MAP $999.99

All Pro Tools products are also available as downloadable codes via the Virtual Music Software Vault program.

Here are  four new "Tech Talk Training" video releases from our Hal Leonard Tech YouTube channel:
Hal Leonard has produced dozens of short 5 to 7 minute videos that teach you how to present and sell the best in technology. See all of the videos at the Hal Leonard Tech YouTube Channel.
Get a Free T-RackS Single When You Purchase iLoud!
When customers register the serial number for purchasing the following iLoud products with IK Multimedia, they'll receive their choice of a free T-RackS Single! Expires August 31st.

00120176 - iLoud Portable Speaker - MSRP $299.99 - MAP $249.99
00158578 - iLoud Micro Monitors - MSRP/MAP $299.95

Instant Rebates Available!

Rebate offers valid through August 31:
00118220 - XD-V35 - MSRP $419.99/MAP $299.99 - $35 rebate
00122086 - XD-V55 - MSRP $629.99/MAP $399.99 - $55 rebate
00122087 - XD-V75 - MSRP $839.99/MAP $499.99 - $75 rebate
00121643 - Sonic Port - MSRP/MAP $99.95 - $20 rebate
00139078 - Sonic Port VX - MSRP/MAP $199.95 - $40 rebate

Rebate offers valid through September 30:
00122095 - M9 Stompbox  - MSRP $559.99/MAP $359.99 - $75 rebate
00123034 - M13 Stompbox  - MSRP $699.99/MAP $499.99 - $75 rebate

AudioBox Instant Rebates & More
AudioBox rebates, available now
through September 30th:
00131409 - AudioBox iOne - MAP $89.95 - $10 instant rebate
00131410 - AudioBox iTwo - MAP $129.95 - $20 instant rebate
00142756 - AudioBox iTwo Studio - MAP $219.95 - $30 instant rebate

Temblor T8 Rebate available through August 31st:
00233777 - MSRP $329.95/MAP $249.95 - $80 instant rebate

August Promotions from Samson!
The following offers expire on August 31st. Order now to take advantage of these great deals!

Reduced MAP!
Auro Loudspeakers
00145499 - Auro X12D - MSRP $299.99 - MAP $249.99
00145500 - Auro X15D - MSRP $349.99 - MAP $299.99

Concert 99 Wireless System  (MSRP $299.99 - MAP $279.99 )
00156718 - Guitar 
00156719 - Handheld
00156720 - Lavalier
00156721 - Earset

Stage 200 Wireless System  (MSRP $149.99 - MAP $129.99 )
00172089 - Group A
00174537 - Group B
00174538 - Group C
00174539 - Group D

Get a FREE LS40 Speaker Stand (a $99 value!) when you purchase:
00140066Expedition Escape
00140067Expedition Express
00140069Expedition XP106
00140070Expedition XP106w

Get a FREE R21 & MC18 (a $173.99 value!) when you purchase:
00140062Expedition XP150
00156730Expedition XP800
00140064Expedition XP1000

Get a FREE Q7 & MK10 (a $151.99 value!) when you purchase:
00174543 - Hartke ACR5 

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