January 2015
The Gubbio Family

Dick Johnston said it best - "it's a family here."  Dick and his daughter, Lyn, (and sometimes his 20-something grandson, Mark) have been volunteering at The Gubbio Project for almost a year now.  The Johnston's are one of two family volunteer teams we have at Gubbio.  We asked Dick what he believes is our guests' greatest need.  Aside from the tangible things that we provide, he explained "people need a place to belong to; it's a family here." Both Dick and Lyn expressed that volunteering at The Gubbio Project exposes them and challenges them to be in an environment that they would otherwise never be in or see.  Lyn said it was scary at first, volunteering in the church, but having her dad go through and experience the same thing helps.  

Penny and B helping out with supplies.
Penny and Bernadette White, who have been volunteering with us for almost a year, are our mother-daughter volunteer team.  Both of them expressed the significance in acknowledging the human dignity of our guests.  We asked Penny what keeps her coming back and she responded "giving (the guests) compassion and dignity and seeing how grateful people are just for those basic human needs."  Bernadette expressed similar thoughts when we asked her why she continues to volunteer with us. "Talking to the guests breaks my heart and makes it soar; nobody deserves this.  It's important to give back whenever and however possible."  

Both the Johnston's and the White's are volunteers who exemplify our mission of hospitality, solidarity, and dignity; and help us create that family at The Gubbio Project.   

Benefit Concert for Gubbio 
this Saturday at 
50 Mason Social House 

7pm - 9pm: Happy Hour
9pm - 1am: Sketchy Business, Kevbot & Friends, and Juju

$10 door - all proceeds benefit Gubbio.  Neutral Ground, an organization that seeks to create a dialog between tech workers and local organizations, will be selling art and other items to benefit The Gubbio Project.  Sat, January 31st will be a night of fun and music all in the name of sacred sleep!  

For more information on the event click hereHelp us pack the house on Saturday. 

You can click here to contribute if you can't make it.  We've passed the $1,000 mark - on our way to $3000! Please consider donating if you haven't already.

Thank God it's Monday
- Jose Lopez, Vincentian Service Corps Member


A couple weeks ago I worked my first Monday morning shift in the church.


Walking to work that early in the morning, especially on a Monday I realized, it is a mess on the streets. The streets were pretty much deserted of people; except for the block our church is on, of course. There was trash everywhere. I had to walk with my eyes glued to the floor to make sure I didn't step on the garbage covering the sidewalks. I am always very conscious of looking out for used needles on the floor; I wouldn't want to step on one of those. I've learned to stay away from clothes and newspapers on the floor; they are most likely covering up feces. The smell on the streets was dreadful. The silver lining of the overpowering urine smell covering the Tenderloin is that it masked the smell of the poop and throw up. 



Finally, I made it to St. Boniface. I've never seen the church like that before. The front part of the church, which is never really that crowded with people in the afternoon, when I normally work in the sanctuary, was filled with people sleeping. That morning I saw a different type of sleep and exhaustion Continue reading here.

In This Issue
Parish in Brazil explores 'Sacred Sleep'  
Barbara Baumgartner, an American missionary in Rio de Janeiro, wrote to us to share what has been happening in her parish, Most Holy Trinity, these past couple of months ~ 

"I am excited about the budding program at our church for the homeless .... A group of us began to bring food enough from home each Sunday and to serve the [homeless] people at the back of the church's nave. This has had the wonderful outcome of members of the homeless community joining us during our Sunday liturgy--they would arrive early to make sure they got food. Some participate in our worship but most engage in personal prayer or sleep. We don't mind, we welcome their presence. We are now opening the doors during the week to allow for anyone who cares to spend respite time in the church. We are developing a place of safe sleep and support for those who live on the street.  So we are coming along and I am very excited about the program. It is God's way, you think you are headed one place and end up someplace different." 
Burton's Blankets!

Thank you so much to all those contributed to Burton's effort!  With the matching pledge we were able to raise $1220 for blankets.  That should carry us into the Spring!  We still have a matching pledge, so if you'd like to give to Burton's effort, e-mail us at Gubbio or click here.   
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