A brief message from Brett Frevert, Managing Director...
It is not Thanksgiving Day on the calendar (14 days over 95 degrees makes THAT clear!) but I want to take a moment to thank all of you: 
clients, collaborators, colleagues, and other friends of CFO Systems. 

2016 is flying by and CFO Systems continues to grow, due in large part to your ongoing support. Several extremely proficient individuals have joined us this year, bringing our team to a total of 28 dedicated professionals. We are still seeking high quality CFOs, Controllers and Senior Accountants to serve our growing client list. We serve nearly every Midwestern industry with our leadership, with expertise in Capital, Human Resources, or Financial and we continue to seek opportunities in adjacent markets. As always, all of us at CFO Systems remain focused on improving our Clients' businesses.

So, as we approach this 240th Independence Day, we want to express our appreciation of you and say thank you!!
                         CFO Capital is sponsoring a Blood Drive:
Hosted by Skutt Catholic High School Students
10832 Old Mill Road
Friday, July 15th 
10:30am - 4:30pm 
**Client Spotlight**
Rise in exports boosts confidence at Nebraska, Iowa ethanol plants

The link between the economies of Nebraska and Iowa and Brazil's sugar cane harvest might not be clear at first glance, but it is there.
And it means some added prosperity, at least for producers of ethanol, a business worth $5 billion a year in Nebraska and as much as $20 billion in Iowa, by some reckonings.
Prices for the motor fuel have been inching upward, reaching a six-month high this week after months of some of the lowest prices in years.
The improved selling prices for ethanol producers have encouraged them to jump-start previously idled capacity at some of Iowa's 42 ethanol plants and Nebraska's 25, and have caused at least two startups of plants that had been shuttered.

  Human Resources
Clarification regarding exemptions and misconceptions!

Question: When an employee reaches the $47,476 salary level the employee becomes automatically be exempt?


Once the employee meets that threshold, an employer must then apply the Duties Tests in order to further exempt them.  This is the tricky part and where someone must do an analysis.  It not only must be looked at from federal guidelines but also from state.  Please be sure your clients understand this as they begin to prepare their budgets for 2017.  Let our HR Team know if you have further questions or if they can be of any further assistance.
P lease visit recorded webinars:
"Adding HR Value for Corporate Success"
                    Perfect Icebreakers!   


Networking events are a great opportunity to make  valuable contacts, professionally and personally. But many people stress over the pressure of trying to connect quickly and impressively with  complete strangers. Some even stay away because they can't get comfortable with the idea.
It's definitely a situation that can prey on any  insecurities you have, but if you prepare well, you can know that you won't be caught in a long weird silence or trying to think of something to say that doesn't sound awkward. Then you'll be ready not just for networking events but for company picnics, conferences, cocktail parties, and any other social events that take you outside your circle of family and friends.
Here are eight perfect icebreakers to learn and practice.
Click Here to Read 8 Smart Phrases

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