November 2017
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Staff Profile:
Antonio Trujillo

Hire date: March 2015
Title: Guest Services Coordinator
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Favorite Zoo animal: 
Bald eagle

December 7
3:30 p.m. Zoo close
2:30 p.m. Last admiss.
2:30 p.m. Shrine close 

December 24
3 p.m. Zoo close
2 p.m. Last admiss.
2 p.m. Shrine close
Electric Safari closed 

December 25
3 p.m. Zoo close
2 p.m. Last admiss.
Shrine Road closed

December 31
3 p.m. Zoo close
2 p.m. Last admiss.

January 1
3 p.m. Zoo close
2 p.m. Last admiss.
Shrine Road closed

December 2
9:15  10:15 a.m.
December 7 
5:30  - 8:30 p.m.
Dec, 8 - 10, 15 - 23,
Dec. 25 - Jan. 1, 2018
5:30 - 8:30 p.m.

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What's New?
There are many exciting new projects happening at the Zoo, and some of them are the direct result of the $10.4 million Making Waves capital campaign, which has now officially reached its goal!

For approximately two years, the Zoo's Philanthropy Department has been seeking donations from various foundations, granting agencies, generous donors and the community to reach their lofty goal. Just this month, they announced that the previously set goal had been reached, but their work is not finished.  

Animal Encounter:
Just swinging through
Though white-cheeked gibbons Milo and Parker will only be temporary residents at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, we're hopeful they will have a big impact.  

Milo, a 17-year-old male, came from Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, while Parker, a 16-year-old female, came to us from the Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, California. While they wait for their upcoming exhibit at Akron Zoo to be completed, they'll be spending two years in CMZ's Monkey Pavilion.  
The Golden Years:
Our mountain lion siblings are still the cat's meow
What does a mountain lion want for a birthday gift? Rocky Mountain Wild Animal Keeper Kristen Cox said cardboard boxes, goat milk and pumpkins were on the wish list for mountain lions Motega, Tocho and K aya, who all turned 12 earlier this month.  

Explore and Learn:
Volunteer in the Loft!
The Loft and My Big Backyard areas of the Zoo are home to more than 100 animals! That number includes birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates - think chickens, a beaver, snakes, a raven, raptors, skunks, chinchillas, lizards and so many more! 

Taking care of that many critters is a big job, and volunteers help make it possible every day. The keepers work directly with our volunteers, training them on the ins and outs of daily care of all of these animals.