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August 21, 2012  

THSC 2012-2013 HandbookSpecial Guest Allen Tappe, Author and Speaker

Who?     Leaders from Across the State

When?   October 12 - 14

Where?  Beautiful Camp Copass - Denton

What?    State Leadership Conference attendees will . . .

  • Attend practical, inspiring workshops
  • Join fellow leaders in roundtable discussions
  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Learn to lead with purpose

Why?    To invest in the success of your group!


Plan ahead and register your leaders today.  October will be here before you know it! 

Jeff Van Treuren - SpaceX


~ Dale Long

Director of News Services


Jeff Van Treuren is helping America's space program forge new frontiers as a Test Director for Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, the first private company to launch an unmanned spacecraft into orbit and have it dock with the International Space Station.


The 2010 mechanical engineering alumnus was among the anxious SpaceX staff members at Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station before dawn on May 22 for the successful launch of the Falcon 9 rocket that carried a Dragon spacecraft into orbit. Three days later, Dragon delivered supplies to the International Space Station, and on May 31 completed this challenging technical feat by splashing down safely in the Pacific Ocean.


Read the rest of the article.

"Grow Your Own Antibiotics?"


Amelia Brown placed fifth in the Junior Division for Medicine and Health at the ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair in San Antonio for her science fair project, "Grow Your Own Antibiotics?" Amelia's project compared the effectiveness of herbal tincture remedies--garlic, bay leaf, cinnamon, and basil--with pharmaceutical antibiotics.


Interestingly, she discovered that bay leaf was more effective than garlic against the bacterium she used for her experiment. She wants to continue her experiment and test garlic against different bacterium believing it to be a very effective remedy for mild infections.


Amelia was also awarded the Naval Science Award from the U.S. Navy's Office of Naval Research.


Your home schoolers can participate by entering a local district science fair competition. Learn more by reading about the  ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair.


Congratulations, Amelia! Read more home school success stories.

We Take the Struggle Out Of Spelling

A Merry Heart Doeth Good

Satan's second temptation


Whatever you write on the heart of a child,
No water can wash it away.
The marks in the sands are erased by the tide;
Inscriptions will crumble with clay.
The words in a book will decay with the years
And even engraving in stone disappears.
But God's Word inscribed on a little child's heart
For time and eternity shall not depart.

(Author Unknown)



The Lord's Prayer for Young People Melva Lea Beacham   Stop!  Look!  Listen! This Curriculum Will Transform Your Child's Prayer Life!

Dual Credit Classes Not Available to Home Schoolers



Authorities at Texarkana College (not to be confused with Texarkana ISD Virtual Academy that was previously mentioned in this newsletter) had a policy that showed bias against home school students regarding enrollment in dual credit classes.  THSC Association staff confirmed the college's policy in this matter, and Tim Lambert wrote a letter strongly urging Texarkana College administrators to reverse this illegal policy by the deadline for fall registration and informing them that if this discrimination did not stop, THSC Association would be forced to take further action.  


Texarkana College responded with an assurance that in the future home school students will be treated equally and fairly regarding dual credit classes.


Read the letter.


Now you can receive Tim Lambert's blog, Right In Texas, via RSS feed or email.

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~ Jim Daly

Finding Home


You'll never convince me that anybody works harder than a mother. Parenting is a joy-filled experience, of course, but it also requires a tremendous amount of effort. The legendary writer, John Steinbeck, once put it quite succinctly. "It takes courage," he wrote, "to raise children."


On the lighter side, the comedian Bill Cosby has always been deft at reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously. "No matter how calmly you try to referee," he once said, "parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I'm not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal."


With that as a backdrop, I want to share with you an incredibly perceptive letter that's addressed to all stay-at-home moms.


Keep reading and be encouraged!

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