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Nov. 8, 2011 


Are your students gearing up to participate in political campaigns? Perhaps they are helping at the polls today.


This is a great way to fulfill the good citizenship requirement for home schooling in Texas!


Did you know that THSC offers certificates of completion and Good Citizenship Awards? THSC has an ongoing program to recognize home school students who participate in good citizenship activities with its Good Citizenship Certificate.


constitutiondayThis certificate is awarded to each student who participates with at least 40 hours of volunteer work in any combination from the following areas:  Voter Registration, Political Party Process, Campaign Process, and/or Legislative Process. Any home school student who earns a Good Citizenship Certificate is automatically entered into the competition for THSC's Good Citizenship Awards


Good Citizenship awardDon't forget to keep a record of those hours! If your student participated in the legislative process last spring, remember to get your forms in by January 31, 2012, to be entered into the competition for the THSC Good Citizenship Awards, to be announced at the Gala in the spring.


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Don't forget to vote!

If you missed early voting, don't forget to cast your vote today!


Read more about amendments on the ballot. Empower Texans also offers more information on the proposed amendments.


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Fun curriculum on your Christmas wish list? Don't forget to add UberSmart Math Facts!


Challenge your child to ace math facts and watch them get excited as they rise to that challenge with UberSmart Math Facts, a proven system for mastering math facts that produces results. Buy with confidence with our one-year satisfaction guarantee. THSC members receive 50% off this product that teaches rudimentary math facts one number group at a time by using a deck of flash cards and filtering problems that are previously learned by first teaching, then testing.



waving flag
Celebrate VETERANS
November 11.


child_diggingThe North Texas District Science Fair promotes International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) participation by eligible home-educated students, from third to 12th grades, in eight Texas counties. Held on January 28, 2012, winners advance to the Dallas Regional Science Fair, held in late February. 


Students west of Dallas should visit the Fort Worth Regional Science & Engineering Fair website for more information about that fair, which is held in mid-February 2012.


Learn more about this exciting event! 

11/11/11:  A Palindrome Date 

November 11 of this year is mathematically unique----it is a six-digit palindrome. Derived from the Greek pal´┐Żndromos (running back again), a palindrome is a sentence, figure, word, or date that reads the same in both directions. Fewer than 40 eight-digit and only 26 nine-digit palindrome dates will occur in the twenty-first century. Home schooling parents can use palindrome dates as an avenue to engage students and get them excited about subjects like math, poetry, and spelling.  

Columnist, ~ Robert Knight

As a school board member in Kanawha County, West Virginia in the early 1970s, Alice Moore ignited what might be considered the opening battle of America's culture war in education.

Mrs. Moore challenged the board's choice of textbooks and supplementary materials, touching off a yearlong protest that riveted the nation in 1974. Among other things, it alerted parents that the educational establishment was not only anti-Christian but aggressively so. The uprising presaged today's Tea Party revolt against overbearing government. . . .

On Oct. 7, Mrs. Moore received the Dr. Robert Dreyfus Courageous Christian Leadership Award from South Carolina-based Frontline Ministries and the Exodus Mandate Project, which encourages parents to homeschool their children or put them in Christian schools. Dreyfus is a longtime homeschooling proponent.


A Merry Heart Doeth Good


A Merry Heart - Cartoon

Reprinted with permission. Taken from Todd Wilson's Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons.

Do you
have a funny, home school-related anecdote you'd like to share? We'd love to publish it (limit of 750 characters)! Please include your name and where you live and mail it to THSC.



THSC was recently contacted by a member family who were in the process of adopting two young children. Child Protective Services (CPS) had denied this family a waiver to homeschool these children during the six-month foster period prior to adoption even though a psychologist agreed that one of the children, especially would do better learning at home. This family was told by CPS that justification for why adopted children should be homeschooled may be necessary and may need to be completed with psychological testing and educational assessments.


Tim Lambert wrote a letter directly to the commissioner of DFPS regarding the denial and the requirements for testing and assessment that CPS was asserting (which was unheard of and not required of families with adopted children in the past). Tim wrote that the assessment was clear from the beginning that these children should be homeschooled and urged CPS to allow this well-qualified family to have a waiver to homeschool their children.


Read the letter.


Now you can receive Tim Lambert's blog, Right in Texas, via RSS feed or email.

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A Merry Heart Doeth Good

From the REVIEW: A Series of Coincidences

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A Series of Coincidences 


Brian Shepherd


My wife and I decided to include science as part of our curriculum when we first began homeschooling at the pre-K level and have been teaching it ever since. We have been genuinely pleased with the decision after eight years of teaching. When asked, the children almost always agree that science is their favorite subject by far. We went through several curricula, including some that propagated evolutionary ideas, before arriving at our current curriculum of choice, God's Design for Science, which I have now been teaching for several years. To understand how we ended up with this particular curriculum, it is necessary to look back a few years.


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