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Say what you want about Easter, but when you boil it down, it is exactly your perspective of this holiday that makes it what it is. Whether you decide to focus on the commercialized adorability factor, or take a more eternal approach, Easter puts a dent in Spring that is hard to avoid. 

Sligo Church has made it a priority to emphasize the eternal aspect of this weekend and bring out what is the most important aspect to us: Jesus Christ. 

There can be a tendency towards jadedness, or seeing the story of the crucifixion and resurrection as cliche'.  We allow the debates over ideology and practice to overshadow the meaning of the gift Christ gave each individual with his act of sacrifice. We might go through the motions of celebration; we might even be moved by a service or program, but in the end many of us may find that we have taken this celebration and made it about ourselves. 

We can get caught up in the thought that Jesus Christ died for ME. He died and rose from the dead on the third day because of ME. We forget that in essence, because we have this knowledge, we must look outward to all the people that have never taken it personally that Christ died for each one of THEM. It is our implicit mandate that we spread the news of this amazing gift to all those who don't know. 

If you're sitting at home this weekend, thinking I'm gonna skip services at Sligo, let us place this thought on you. It's not just about you. It's also about who you might bring to the feet of the cross that may never have the opportunity otherwise. Your presence in a service this weekend may even be the uplift you need to go and witness to your neighbor.

In the end ministry is about taking part in another person's possible eternity. We will have a chance to celebrate the accomplishment's of our witnessing one day. What will your celebration look like?
News and Blogs
By Pastor Joseph Khabbaz

When was the last time you were surprised? Do you even like surprises or would you prefer the predictability that certainty can bring? I recently read a fascinating book by Tania Luna and LeeAnn Renninger, entitled, "Suprise." In a world that is rapidly changing, we seek to control...

World Church Executive Committee Votes Statement on Transgenderism
By: Adventist Review Staff

The members of the Executive Committee of Seventh-day Adventist Church voted to accept a statement on transgenderism on April 11. The document was voted...

Events and Info

THIS Sunday, April 16 at 5PM, Jaci Velasquez, a grammy nominated multi-platinum recording artist, will join us for a song during our morning Resurrection Service and a full concert in the evening. Doors will open at 4pm and tickets will be available online and at our offices for $20. Don't miss out of this fantastic blessing!!!

We had a wonderful celebration on Wednesday night. Click the title above to understand the services coming tonight and over the rest of the weekend. Bring a friend!

The Sligo music ministry is inviting all men with a passion for singing and a heart for worship to take part in our new Men's Chorale.  For more information, contact our Choral Conductor, Paul Byssainthe, Jr. at pbyssainthe@sligochurch.org, or at 301.270.6777, ext. 124
We're now enrolling Ages 2.5 - 4 year olds. There is very limited space available, so get your child enrolled now! Please call and make an appointment, Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm, to see and hear the what Great Kids has to offer. We offer a STEM/STEAM based Christian Preschool Program. Growing great kids is what we do!

Join us this summer for the Sligo Youth Mission Trip from July 16-22. At the Savannah, GA Workcamp, Sligo Youth (+14) will demonstrate Jesus' love and compassion in tangible ways, serving real people in need while working on projects like...
* Building wheelchair ramps and handrails
* Weatherizing homes and trailers
* Reconstructing sagging porches
* Significant painting projects
* Interior and exterior carpentry
* Other home repair projects that the homeowner cannot otherwise complete

WGTS - Keeping you informed
We're coming to you!
by Chaplain Kumar Dixit

WGTS 91.9 is continuing to share God's love all over the D.C. Metropolitan area with a worship service that will travel around the Capital Beltway in order to reach its listeners. This new worship service is called Elevate: Night of Worship! Elevate is a monthly worship service designed...

ROCK - One minute devotional 

The Bible talks a lot about rocks. They're strong, they can't easily be broken, and provide a solid foundation.
This week, I want to encourage you that if you ever need a reminder that God is on your side, to look at a rock!

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