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TIP Strategies is an economic development consulting firm, with offices in Austin and Seattle, committed to providing quality solutions for public & private sector clients.
This year, we decided to forgo the usual predictions and instead kick off our 2018 newsletter series by focusing on trends that are likely to influence economic development in the coming year. Believe us when we tell you, narrowing each list to three was a challenge. For each trend we included, there were at least three we left off the list. What trends would have made your list?
Three Workforce Trends to Watch
Over the past decade concepts like full employment, the skills gap, and the gray tsunami—once primarily of interest to workforce professionals—have become pressing concerns in the economic development arena. Technological disruptions from automation and control engineering to digitalization and artificial intelligence, continue to cast a shadow on the future of jobs. In the face of these challenges, here are three trends that are worth paying attention to over the short term as you consider your community’s ability to support business growth. Visit our blog to read more.

Three Defense Sector Trends to Watch
The major theme for the US defense sector in 2018 continues to be uncertainty. Congress remains under immense pressure to raise defense spending due to ongoing military operations, decreased readiness, and aging weapons systems. However, addressing these challenges will require Congress to pass a budget that removes the spending caps mandated by Budget Control Act of 2011, which Washington currently seems unable to accomplish. Read our blog post to find out how uncertainty will impact defense sector trends in 2018.

Three Companies to Watch
Many US firms are poised to accomplish great things in 2018, which made narrowing down our top selections quite challenging. The companies we chose stood out, given the strategic moves they made in 2017 and the potential implications of these decisions on their respective industries and on our way of life in 2018. Check out our blog to find out who made the list.

Three Urban Development Trends to Watch
Urban development trends, such as coworking, experiential retail, and big-box redevelopment will continue to impact US communities (large and small) in 2018. Economic developers, take notice! Creative approaches to development challenges will abound in the year ahead. Our blog post aims to shed some light on these evolving trends.

Three Technologies to Watch
Technology creeps into our lives as a gradual trickle, infiltrating unnoticed until we wake up one morning and everything has changed. When was the last time you heard the peck, peck, peck of a typewriter? Or saw an outdoor television antenna in someone’s backyard? Or paid all your bills by writing and mailing checks? Only in hindsight is it possible to understand the vast changes wrought upon our lives by the onslaught of new technologies. Stay tuned. More changes are on the way. Of the many emerging technologies to watch, we spotlight three to keep an eye on in 2018.



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