May 2 , 2017  

Calendar highlights for May 1 to 5:
  • the Tuesday Members' Memo is emailed to GSU members weekly on Tuesday. If you know a co-worker who doesn't receive the TMM and would like to, they can call GSU toll-free at 1.866.522.6686 or send an email to
  • staff reps Lawrence Maier and Steve Torgerson will be conducting member visitations this week
  • staff rep Dale Markling will be attending an arbitration on Thursday and Friday
  • Lawrence Maier has a grievance hearing scheduled for Friday. 
Upcoming events:

Prairie School for Union Women
June 11 - 15, 2017
Waskesiu Lake, SK
Learn more about the school and registration here

SFL Summer Camp
August 27 - September 1, 2017
Camp Easter Seal ~ Manitou Lake 
Register early! This popular camp fills up quickly!
Learn about the camp and how your camper could win free registration here.  

Contact your GSU staff rep for more information about these events, GSU's expense policy, or to register. 

GSU's calendar of events is regularly updated and available on GSU's web page -  

GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner is  working with members who have challenged their rates of pay and are seeking to have same raised. 

Do you have a concern about a workplace issue or questions about your collective agreement? 

Contact your GSU staff rep. Their services are provided to you as part of your union dues. There is no additional charge for assisting you.

Only one month until the application deadline!

GSU is pleased to offer $2,000 scholarships to five students who demonstrate an ability and a passion to inspire positive change in their community. 

Scholarships are available to GSU members and their immediate families - including spouses - who are enrolled in a diploma, degree, or certificate program at a community college, university, trade school, or technical institute as a full-time student in any country. 

Deadline for receipt of applications is June 1, 2017.

Detailed information is available on GSU's web page:

Back-to-work legislation ruled unconstitutional

An April 28, 2017 ruling by Ontario Superior Court Justice Firestone ruled that the former Conservative government violated postal workers' freedom of association by legislating them back to work in June 2011.

"In 2011, Canada Post and the Conservative government gamed the system by first locking postal workers out and then forcing us back to work," said Mike Palecek, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. "This interference was completely unfair and meant we could not freely bargain."

The judge agreed.

Justice Firestone declared that the legislation, which also imposed an offer on the postal workers,  "violates the rights to freedom of association and freedom of expression" under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms sections 2d) and 2b), and that it is "unconstitutional and of no force and effect."

"This court ruling is another victory in defense of the right to strike for all unionized workers," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. "It means that government must tread extremely carefully when it seeks to tip bargaining in favour of employers by removing strike action as an option for workers in a collective bargaining dispute. The transportation sector - including grain handling - has often borne the brunt of government interference with the right to strike."
Can being grumpy make you happier at work?

A sea of smiling faces may not mean that everyone is happy and all is well in your workplace. When workers feel pressured to consistently put on a happy face, fake happiness, or hide their real emotions, it can lead to emotional exhaustion, burn-out, and even cardiovascular issues and depression. 

Women have the additional burden of society's expectation that they will demonstrate happiness, but suppressing negativity can leave women feeling even worse than men.

On the flip side, it seems showing some mild irritation and cynicism at the office may have benefits. 

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