After taking a break from Frida for a couple of years, we've decided to add 
           'Frida' to our summer calendar this year.
           Our first Frida show was in 2007 for Frida's 100th birthday.  After producing 
           Frida shows for several years, much of the artwork....unfortunately, began to
           become unimaginative.  Since we weren't bringing anything new to the table, 
           we knew that it was time to take a break from Frida.

          This year....Frida fever has hit ChimMaya again!
           We've invited a diverse international group of artists, whose artwork is
           creative and imaginative! 
           Paintings, drawings, m/m, sculpture, ceramics, original dolls, paper mache, 
           re-purposed vinyl LPs, wood....etc., are some of the mediums in this show.
           50 Artists.....from the United States, Mexico and the Phillippines! 
Opening Reception   
Sunday, July 6th
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm 







   We're excited to bring  Frida  back to ChimMaya with so many talented artists! 





Resident Artists::
Emilia Garcia, Juan Solis, Hector Silva, CiCi Segura Gonzalez 
Gennaro Garcia

Invited Artists::
Robert Palacios, Steve Leal, Christina Ramos, Benjamin Thomas,
Niki J Sands, Dolores Haro, Bonnie Lambert, Roger Trivinos, Maja, 
Ernie Lucero, Nikki Garcia Poling, Emily Costello, David Flores,
Violetta Antonia Sorcini, Anna Alvarado, Heather Calderon, 
Amy Figueroa, Quetzal Rembao, Jeannette Herrera, Claudia Galvan, 
Lizbeth Ortiz, Lilibeth Andre, Jennifer Mondfrans, Raul Esparza,
Magda Bowen, Samantha Pruitt, Johnny Rivera, Gladis Alejandre,
Ofelia Esparza, Oscar Castillo, Alex Escalante, Rudy Andrade,
Marylucille Nunez/Delira, Brenda Williams, Chhaya Shrader, 
Ginette Rondeau, Rebekah Tarin, Laurie Mavis, Annette Cano

Miguel Rodriguez
       Baja, CA-Mexico:
Esau Andrade, German Rubio, Antonio Proa, Karla Voelker, Luis Ituarte

       Yucatan, Mexico:
Jose De Jesus Ruiz Villarruel

         Glass Sculptor:
Jaime Guerrero


Roger Rishab Tibon


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