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    March 2012  
Towel Rack Hanger

Towel Rack Hanger Towel Rack Hanger
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Wouldn't you like to SAVE MONEY and help our environment?

By using these gentle reminders, your property will:
$ Save MONEY on each occupied room per day
$ Save energy, water, labor and detergent
$ Save wear and tear on linens and on equipment

These simple, handsome cards work for you by:
$ Asking guests to use towels more than once
$ Letting "Green" Hotels Association ask guests to participate
$ Impressing your guests with this praiseworthy action

Feature English on side 1. Side 2 translations into four languages: Spanish, German, French and Japanese. 4-Color or Dark green ink on heavy recycled stock. 4-Color cards have expected higher response rate. 3.25"x7.75" arc hanger. Customization available.

Prepay your order ($30 minimum) with a check and the shipping is FREE!

NEW! 4-COLOR version for higher response rate!

Item 10012L: Green ink, Laminated. 75¢/ea, $50/100, $200/500
Item 10012L4C: 4-COLOR Laminated. $1.20/ea, $80/100, $360/500

ORDER TODAY! Call 713/789-8889!


Does a black smudge come off on your finger when you touch a flapper in a toilet tank? It needs to be replaced because it’s disintegrating, water logged and will no longer float.




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