Note to Members:
As per previous discussions, your participation is vitally important to TRAAC in the work being done with Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health (NSRPH) to develop a new association in Nova Scotia. Approval for these discussions and this direction was received from our membership in a motion at our most recent AGM in April 2017.
The following resolution will be presented during a breakfast meeting prior to the start of the joint workshop being held with NSRPH on Friday, October 27, 2017, at 7:15am. This early morning Special Meeting is necessary to continue with the momentum of this agreed upon directive from members.
Special Resolution: TRAAC membership approves dissolving TRAAC as an Association, transferring all assets to Nova Scotia Therapeutic Recreation Association (NSTRA) and transferring memberships to NSTRA effective June 2018. This resolution is pending NSRPH motion approval of the same wording to dissolve and transfer all assets and membership information.
On July 24, 2017, communication was distributed around correspondence and direction received from the NS Registry of Joint Stocks.  There are further revisions that must occur to some of our bylaws. Please review those revisions to these bylaws as attached. For your reference we attached the working bylaw document, that was passed by membership at our AGM but was rejected by the Registry of Joint Stocks.
We must have 50% of our voting members, plus 1, in attendance to even hold this special meeting. We ask you to RSVP to this meeting notice.
We look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks the details of the vision, mission statement, values, and strategic priorities of NSTRA. We hope you took notice of the last session of the workshop, where further discussions and actions will be taking place.
These are exciting times ahead, and the need for TR professionals across Nova Scotia to be engaged is critical in order to bring the goals of this new Association to fruition.

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