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Exciting news! In addition to my internet talk show TRAFFICKED every week, we've just launched a blogzine with a special category on HT (at THIS LINK). Here you can post your own blogs, thoughts, and news on HT as well as read what other people are saying. We've only been up two weeks, and already we've got some great posts from Larry Jaffe, Frank Taylor, Caroline Heldman, and Kate Reid. Comment on what others are saying and share your ideas, too.



THIS WEEK my guest is:
Filmmaker Val Gameiro speaks about his latest film AMNESIA. It is a trip into the dark world of trafficking and psychiatry.


"An ordinary man who wakes up in an isolated mental institution with no memory must fight to regain it before the resident psychiatrist takes over his mind."


Website: www.AmnesiatheMovie.com

Val will speak about using film to speak for the victims of human trafficking.



Going to Gollywood
Going to Gollywood



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Vicki Siedow of Female Legal Investigative Professionals ( FLIP)Discussed how to protect your family and to effectively report possible HT activity to police
Vicki Siedow
Jose Benitez, Founder of F.I.T.U.
Dr. Benitez spoke about community organizing and how he finds victims of trafficking, gains their trust and protects them. 
Jose Benitez

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Laster Global Training and Consulting

 Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education has approved  LCG courses for equivalent courses 3270 and 3271 for Human Trafficking



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