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Truckers Against Trafficking (28:11)
Truckers Against Trafficking (28:11)
Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT)--National Director Kendis Paris will speak about TAT's a grassroots effort to mobilize members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to fight human trafficking along our nation's highways. Started as an initiative of Chapter 61 Ministries in 2009, TAT works to educate and equip the 8 million members of this key industry to understand the critical role they can play in this battle as the eyes and ears of our nation's highways. To do that, they have created a website, www.truckersagainsttrafficking.com, a number of industry-specific training tools and, with the help of some talented and influential partners, are beginning to make substantial headway in their efforts.


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"Dawn" was sold by her father to a brutal pimp who had control of her for almost all of her life. She spoke about her attempts to escape and the tactics used to control her. She also spoke about how organizations can assist victims and what htey should NOT do- Dawn is now able to pursue her dream of helping others through the Hope Ranch Ministries and Dianna Janz.

Dawn's is a truly uplifting story of overcoming the impossible. See her words in the short  film When She Smiles-

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