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 The Rockin' Fiddle Challenge!

Most Improved,
Honorable mentions

Dear Rockin' Fiddlers,

Congratulations to all of you who participated in TRFC #1. I'd like to start right off with two awards. Both in the category of Most Improved!


Each with a very different level of experience, both of these ladies pushed themselves hard and, though they did not advance to the final round of judging, they were with us from the very beginning and made some serious improvement in their playing.


Karen Allendorfer:


Stacey Ringness:


I am extremely impressed with Karen and Stacey and think they both deserve our congratulations. They also deserve a special, signed copy of TDF's new CD, ROCK VIOLIN, complete with a special cover decoration in which I will draw a very unattractive mustache and glasses on Russell's otherwise devilishly handsome face. Sure to be a collector's item in the near future.

And NOW...... I am pleased to announce that five of you have moved onto the final round of judging by a distinguished and varied panel, who shall remain anonymous until their selections are announced.


In a randomly selected order:


Henry Cheng:


Amy Lidell:


Travis Patton:


Dai Degrieck:


Daniel Horner: (violin part starts at 1:30 and is out of sync.. but what can you do.)


As I have mentioned, the panel of judges is made up of some pretty amazing people. And, as you know, amazing people tend to stay pretty busy. So there is a very good chance that results will not be announced until the beginning of next week. So enjoy the suspense.


Finally, I would like to issue three honorable mentions. These three gentlemen all uploaded excellent, complete, creative versions of Sweet Child O' Mine for Solo violin. They will forever be rewarded with a piece of music that very few can say they have performed... as well as an autographed copy of TDF's CD... this time, with special cover art by GQ Russell. (Keep a lookout for the YouTube video.)


Pablo Trefftz:


David King:


Garrit Anderson:


Again, thanks to all of you for participating in The Rockin' Fiddle Challenge! If you are feeling appreciative of all the hard work that went into TRFC#1 and would like to see future TRFC's, please consider buying TDF's new CD "Rock Violin" at iTunes or CD Baby. And, maybe, even tell your friends.


Adam DeGraff



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