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TSC Matters
The Safe Place program in Tippecanoe County
Safe Place is a national outreach program for youth who find themselves in crisis and need a place to stay.

Click here to learn more about the program and how it works.

Click here for a list of Safe Place sites in Tippecanoe County.
Safe Place logo
students jumping with sign for Alliance for Healthier Generation
Three TSC schools among the healthiest
The Alliance for a Healthier Generation made it official this week. Three TSC schools are among the healthiest in the country: Hershey Elementary School, Wyandotte Elementary School and McCutcheon High School.

Grant opportunities

Team Great Harvest
Team Flour Mill Bakery
Icing on the cupcake
Two TSC teachers participated in the first ever Cupcake Bake-off to benefit the Public Schools Foundation of Tippecanoe County.

McCutcheon English teacher Cindy Aubuchon and Team Great Harvest (pictured above left) won the People's Choice Award. Harrison counselor Caitlin Hutter and her Team Flour Mill Bakery (pictured right) won the "Most Eye-Catching Entry" award.

How's your sleep?
Sleep can play a significant role in your health and well-being. Sometimes our schedules do n't permit as much sleep as we need; however, the quality of our sleep matters too. Click here to learn some tips to encourage restful and productive sleep.

How are you moving?
Sitting less, moving more - sometimes fast - can improve your well-being. Encourage others across TSC using #TSCINtegrate when you tweet/post pictures and videos of how you are integrating movement into your weekly routines.

TSC INtegrate employee discount guide
TSC employees can get a 10 percent discount on purchases at Fleet Feet
Sports in West Lafayette. That is one of many discounts you will find in the TSC Discount Guide .

Consider a personal coach
Are you ready to live healthier and feel better?  Learn more about NuStart’s personal coaching program. Ready to start? Click here  to apply for NuStart’s healthy living program.

  • Get individualized support
  • Set goals for accountability
  • Customize lifestyle strategies
  • Gain life skills education
  • Find inspiration and encouragement
Public Schools Foundation Cupcake run and walk
Cupcake Run this Sunday
The Public Schools Foundation of Tippecanoe County is hosting its third annual Cupcake Run for Public Education September 23 at Cumberland Park, West Lafayette.

If you are a teacher, student, or school employee, please indicate as such on your registration, as well as what school you represent. The fastest male teacher and the fastest female teacher will each receive an award. The school with the most participants will receive a traveling trophy. Help out your school and get as many friends/coworkers to participate and win that trophy!

Ready to try the Indy Mini-Marathon?
Have you ever wanted to run the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon , but don't want to go it alone or how to train?

McCutcheon counselor Megan Ulrich will be organizing an Indy Mini-Marathon training group.

Complete this survey to get started on your next INtegrate journey.
One America Mini Marathon
Create labels and automatic filter rules in Gmail
M anaging your Gmail inbox can be a daunting task. Creating labels (folders) and using filter rules to automatically add labels to messages can enable you to be more efficient and save you time.

When assigning labels to messages, you can opt to leave them in your inbox with the additional label, or skip your inbox altogether. If using the 'skip inbox' option, you would only see the messages when selecting the label that's been assigned. This short video can help you learn more about Gmail labels. This short video covers how to create filter rules.
Latest news from INPRS
The I NP RS monthly newsle tter has information to help you understand your quarterly member statement and upcoming webinars.

With Kathy Nimmer
I was in the back seat of a car pulling up to the drive-through at Wendy's to order a large green tea without ice, one of my go-to drinks. When we pulled up to the window to pay, the worker giggled and said, "I knew it was you!" I apparently buy this beverage so often that my order is enough to alert the workers of my identity. This small moment made me consider what else I do so often that people associate it with me automatically. Hopefully, it is not an exasperated sigh, grumbling complaint, or quick judgment. Hopefully it is more like a sincere compliment, appreciative smile, or the writing of an affirmative note. Hopefully, I will be more aware of my actions because they are certainly being noticed.

Kathy Hudgins
Employee Name: Kathy Hudgins
Years with TSC: 18
Position: Nurse for Cole, Wainwright and Woodland
Why is TSC a great place to work : TSC is a great place to work because of the people. I am surrounded by peers who serve in various roles, but all have a desire and drive to invest in helping others. Students bring laughter and surprises to me each day. I am always challenged personally and professionally. I love my job, my schools and our students!

Kristi Spencer
Employee Name: Kristi Spencer
Years with TSC: 18
Position: Bus driver, Harrison/Battle Ground Elementary
Why this employee makes TSC great: Kristi cares so much about her students and co-workers. She has been a valuable member of our team and has mentored several drivers on the north side of the county. Her dedication to the safety of the children of our community is undeniable.
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October 26 & 29 - No school, fall break
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