Tellington TTouch┬« for horses 
Bitterroot Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming 
June 13-18, 2016

with Robyn Hood, Practitioner Trainer and sister of  
founder Linda Tellington Jones.


Meet Robyn - if you haven't been lucky enough to have done so in the past. She won't be looking quite like this in June, but the smile and the clear affection for horses will be there.

What to expect at the clinic:

Whether you're brand new to the Tellington TTouch Method or you've been to a dozen trainings, a workshop with Robyn will boost the confidence, technique, and effectiveness you'll have with any animal you work with.  Robyn offers a full faceted learning experience that will take your skills to the next level, no matter what level that may be. 

Participants will learn how to educate and re-educate Horses with positive, low-stress tools that can be applied to solve problems on the ground and under saddle. This approach to training emphasizes the development of trust and partnership between horse and rider. For over 25 years this annual event has attracted horse people of all levels, from experienced competitors to newcomers to the horse world. Each participant will work with horses appropriate, interesting, and safe for their individual level of experience.

Drawing from Connected Riding┬«, Robyn brings many human bio-mechanics exercises to workshops to help handlers be responsible for their own imbalances and understand how to use their body and balance effectively and functionally.  This blend of modalities means that Robyn has a huge tool box to draw from and is never shy to adjust or tweak an existing exercise to make it more effective. 

Robyn will lead the group through the foundations of the Method and introduce specific exercises designed to help with a variety of common issues such as; spooking, cinchiness, high-headed posture, resistance to de-worming, trailering, rushing, to name a few.

And oh yeah, Robyn is pretty hilarious too.  Laughter is a big component of any training and there is never any shortage of camaraderie and jokes.

Bitterroot Ranch

The day's lesson

deck group
Processing the day's learning
The ranch is home to more than a hundred well trained, friendly horses of varying breeds.  Such a wide variety means that typically there are among them as many patient teachers as there are those with interesting issues to address. 
In addition to the amazing learning  opportunities the Bitterroot Ranch offers a unique an d un forgettable clinic experience.  Unlike most trainings, all participants eat (the food is fantastic!), stay (your coz y, rustic cabin will leave you charmed), and learn (Robyn is a concise, fun and thorough teacher) at the ranch.  Nestled at the b ase of the stunning Absaroka Moun tains surrounded by thousands of acres of public land, the ranch allows you to really get away from it all.

This is a week you will never forget, and it will leave you with a new set of skills for your horses at home and a yearning for the wide open spaces of the Wyoming range.

"Once in a lifetime", "Perfect", Life-changing", "Best. Time. Ever!"; these are just a few of the responses you might hear when you ask someone how they enjoyed their Tellington TTouch clinic experience at the Bitterroot Ranch.

Do come!


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Kirsten Henry is the co-ordinator for this training. If you have questions that aren't answered in the logistics below, she is happy to have you  contact her by email or by phone at 800-854-8326.

For more information about registration, directions, accommodation, etc.,  email the TTouch Office, call 800-854-8326, Mountain Time, or  register for this training.


Questions? Please feel free to contact Kirsten if you have questions about the training. Perhaps you have a special request. If this is your first session, you may have questions about what to expect. Do get in touch.  

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