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A Day in My Life
"I want a better world now.
We need to put the guns down.
I want a better world now.
We need to put the guns down,
guns down, guns guns guns down."

From the song "Neighborhood Struggles"
by Amina Cochran, Layla Turk, Breina Burnett & N'deia Fields
8th grade, Philadelphia  
Four students wrote those lines as part of LiveConnections' year-long album-creation project last year in collaboration with Henry H. Houston School in Philadelphia. Poet Jacob Winterstein had asked students to write what mattered to them.

The song became an important part of the album we made, "A Day in My Life." It was featured on the radio. A Philadelphia Quaker group used the song to lead off a screening of a film about gun violence. The album was honored in the Pennsylvania state legislature and received its own proclamation in Philadelphia City Council.

Most importantly, we were honored to lift up the voices of four young women making a simple, heartfelt and powerful plea for a world where they could feel safe. They sang it to city leaders. They sang it in the State Capitol. They are singing it to all of us.

You can listen to the song "Neighborhood Struggles" here.

20 professional artists joined us on this album. They were blown away by these kids and the commitment of the school, especially teacher Ezechial Thurman. We want to do more of this work, where student voices get the platform they deserve.

We have just TWO DAYS LEFT to tell kids like Amina and Layla that their voices count.

Let's help make a better world through music education!

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BrotherlyLove at Houston School
students from Houston School
TOP: a cappella group BrotherlyLove at Houston School. BOTTOM: students from Houston School who created "A Day in My Life" with LiveConnections. [Images: Jaci Downs Photography]
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LiveConnections inspires learning and builds community through collaborative music-making. In 2008, a team of artists, educators and entrepreneurs founded LiveConnections to address declining music education in Philly schools and tap into the people-connecting power of music. Bridge Sessions, our signature interactive educational programs, blend live performances with hands-on activities, introducing urban students and people with disabilities to diverse musical cultures. Our in-school and after-school residencies provide students with sustained, in-depth music-making experiences. In addition, our critically acclaimed LiveConnections Presents concert series features collaborative concerts that cross musical boundaries. We are a nonprofit organization in residence at World Cafe Live. [learn more]

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