February 7, 2017
GBMP E-News & Events Bulletin
Beginning or continuing your Lean Education has never been easier or more affordable.  GBMP's public training events are the perfect way to:
  • give new employees the knowledge, confidence, and tools to engage in your Lean initiative and fit into your Lean culture
  • to accelerate an existing Continuous Improvement initiative
  • to ensure you sustain the improvements you've already worked so hard for
  • to benchmark with others on a Lean Journey
Keep your folks learning so they can continue to pursue operational excellence. Everybody wins. Investing in the continued Lean & Six Sigma training and education of your people shows you care about their personal and professional development. 
Upcoming Events
February 21: Tea Time with The Toast Dude Webinar
Over the last 30 years, two questions come up with the greatest frequency. 1) How do we get started? and 2) How do we keep it going? Bruce Hamilton answers these important questions with insight gained from more than 30 years of experience.

February 22: Managing & Supplier Performance
The performance of a responsive supply base can improve operating efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Successful companies harness the collective power of the supply base, manage the process, and continually strive to improve their performance, using their supply base as a strategic and competitive advantage. 

March 15: Project Management Executive Overview
The seminar is designed to inform senior managers about the environment for the successful management of projects and provides a framework for understanding project management terminology and concepts. 

March 29: Learning to Train: Methods & Tools for Trainers Teaching CI
Learn how to effectively train others in continuous improvement methods, and to successfully lead a team-based work environment. This class focuses on how to identify training needs, develop plans that respond to the needs of your workforce and how to measure the effectiveness of training programs.

March 29: Introduction to Lean for Healthcare Practitioners
An exciting one-day workshop including instruction in the philosophies of continuous improvement (a.k.a. lean) and how it can be applied in Healthcare organizations. Topics include the Why Lean, What is Lean, the Seven Wastes and Continuous Improvement tools and techniques.

April 7: Six Sigma White Belt
Six Sigma White Belt certification provides students with an overview of the techniques of Six Sigma, its metrics, and basic improvement methodologies and tools, giving employees a stronger understanding of processes and enabling them to provide meaningful assistance in achieving an organization’s overall operational excellence objectives.

April 26: Leading in a Lean Environment: A Manager's Role
Learn to identify and articulate the business case for Lean transformation, the stages of maturity in the Lean Transformation model and how to use the effect-cause-effect technique to identify root causes for areas of improvement and discuss how to create a problem-solving culture through appropriately supportive management activities.

May 10 & 17: Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification increases the effectiveness of employees in Six Sigma support roles, increasing engagement and contributions in workplace improvement activities. Certified Yellow Belts improve their ability to make a positive contribution in the workplace and add a valuable credential to their list of professional achievements. 
Best in Class Shingo Institute Training Workshops with GBMP
Our 2017 schedule is jam packed. And with new courses being added all the time, 2017 is a great year to embed the Shingo Model™ for organizational improvement and accelerated cultural transformation into your Lean program. 
This is only a partial list...click the image to see the full schedule....
Event Spotlight:
Northeast Lean Conference 
Successful Lean transformation requires a deep understanding of the technical side of Lean supported by a culture that favors human development and broad employee engagement.

But which comes first: culture or tools...?
Check out a quick video about
The Northeast Lean Conference
Registration is already open (early bird discount ends 5/31).  

We are so excited to announce that our four keynotes presenters are confirmed:   Paul Akers Karl Wadensten ,  Kim Hollon Brian Wellinghoff

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