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March 2017

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Tailwinds Continue for M&A Deals in 2017
John Howe, M&AMI
2017 M&A Source Chairman

There are good indications that the favorable tailwind continues for M&A activity in the coming year.  Key indicators paint a clear picture: buyers are actively seeking opportunities that advance their strategies. Owners are aging, and looking for transition options.
Gabe Galvez

Ah, the prospect list.  Nearly everyone at any M&A firm regardless of size has built a few prospect lists.  Here at CAPTARGET, we have built many thousands of lists over the years ourselves.  Along the way, we have noticed a few common mistakes M&A firms make when compiling a prospect list.

John Bova
Business Transformation Consultant

Takeaway: Markets are continually in flux. This means that your sales practice must be adaptable to compete in the market place. These deal flow options, or even an SFO, may be the best for you when the time comes.

John Carvalho
President and Founder

Takeaway: There are many ways to sell a business, but only one will be the best for you. Consider these three options and figure out which one will get you the top dollar you deserve.

Editor's Desk
Joe Lindsey, CM&AP
M&A Source Chairman (2015 & 2016)

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