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All Printmaking Ink 15% off. 

Promo code: OLDGLORY
By using the promotion code during online checkout  you will receive 15% off all inks in your shopping cart.

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Offer Expires: July 4th 2011
Hanco InkFlag RedOpaque whiteVictory Blue
Handschy LithoFlag RedOpaque WhiteVictory blue

Graphic ChemicalProcess RedOpaque WhitePermanent Process Blue
Graphic LithoProcess RedOpaque White Process Blue

Graphic ChemicalRose MadderRadiant WhiteMidnight Blue
Graphic EtchingRose MadderRadiant White Midnight Blue

Gamblin InkNapthol RedEtching WhitePrussian Blue
Gamblin EtchingNapthol RedEtching White Prussian Blue

Gamblin InkNapthol ScarletTitanium WhitePrussian Blue
Gamblin ReliefNapthol ScarletTitanium White Prussian Blue

Akua InkCrimson RedTitanium WhitePhthalo Blue
Akua IntaglioCrimson RedTitanium White Prussian Blue

Akua InkCrimson RedTitanium WhiteUltramarine Blue
Akua KolorCrimson RedTitanium White Ultramarine Blue
Takach Presses Are Proudly Made in The USA
Takach Presses Are Proudly Made in The USA
Free Custom Color on all Presses
Don't miss out on this opportunity to customize the color of your press.

To receive this offer call Takach Press at 1-800-248-3460 thru July 8th.

The hard decision is which color, may we suggest red white or blue.

Happy Printmaking
Takach Press