National Volunteer Month is about inspiring recognizing and encouraging members of our community to seek out ways to engage. It's about demonstrating that by working together, we have the ability to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals. It is about taking action.

Take action for National Volunteer Month

by making a donation to Volunteer Fairfax. When you invest in Volunteer Fairfax, you help ensure our continued ability to nurture the programs and initiatives which rely on us. You guarantee our ability to recruit volunteers, foster social inclusion, train managers and build organizational capacity.   

We celebrate volunteers each day

in the community members we recruit, the managers we train, the programs we support, and the missions we help meet.   

Celebrate the volunteers in your community
Take a moment to reflect on your award-worthy volunteer experiences; people who have helped you and those whom you have helped. Take action for volunteers. Ensure they are celebrated and supported today and every day with a donation to Volunteer Fairfax.

Take action.
to Volunteer Fairfax.

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Volunteer Fairfax is a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, funded through a combination of government and foundation grants, corporate sponsorships and individual donations. 

We are proud to say 77% of our funding goes directly into our programs and services.  

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