November 9, 2017
At last week's Full Council meeting, City Councilmembers moved forward (4) proposals aimed at resolving issues related to transient vacation units (TVU) and bed-and-breakfast establishments (B&B's).  

The next step is that these measures will go forward to the City's Department of Planning & Permitting for further discussion.  As we wait to hear an update from the City's Planning Commission, I would like to hear your feedback regarding TVU's and B&B's .    Please take my poll by clicking hereYour answers will remain anonymous.  

Summary of the 4 Proposals

Resolution 17-52  would direct the Director of Planning and Permitting to
process a proposed amendment to the Land Use Ordinance ("LUO") to further regulate vacation rentals, which include bed and breakfast homes ("B&Bs") and transient vacation units ("TVUs").  This measure would allow n
eighbors of vacation rentals to compel the city to enforce violations as well as take legal action against violators.  Additionally, this measure calls for hosting platforms to submit to the city monthly reports regarding B&B's and TVUs listed on the platform.

Resolution 17-163 creates a process which allows the City to issue permits to limited number of new TVUs and B&Bs, subject to a conditional use permit.
Resolution 17-164 allows the City to issue a lien against a property whose owner violate TVU or B&B law.  Additionally, it would add advertising requirements to facilitate enforcement efforts against illegal TVUs and B&Bs

Resolution 17-301 would allow for a limited number of bed-and-breakfast permits, (specifically no more than 0.5 percent of all Oahu residential properties) and for each of the nine Council districts throughout Oahu- no more than one-third of the citywide total allowed.

As we move forward, I look forward to hearing back from the City's Planning Commission and the Mayor's Task Force, as well as advocates on both sides of this issue to equally debate these measures before they go forward to the Council for further review.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
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