Dear TANA Members:

The 2016 TANA election is approaching, and now is the time for you to represent and support your profession- Nurse Anesthesia.  CRNAs experience practice, reimbursement, and recognition threats annually, and the only way  to procure and promote your profession, practice and livelihood is by being involved as an active TANA member.

Ask yourself these important questions.  Is now the time for me to increase my involvement in TANA and gain  exposure to the inner workings of the organization? Am I encouraged to evaluate the importance  of my profession in my daily life? Am I giving back?  And can I do more?

If you answered yes to any of those, here are two ways you can increase your involvement....

First, take the time to serve on the TANA Board of Directors or as District Director.  Many CRNAs shy away from this and feel intimidated by the thought of serving.  They have strong reservation about the time commitment, and  their own lack of experience.  This fear of the unknown is common, but like so many other new things, it often only takes a moment for those fears to dissipate and those initial apprehensions to be alleviated.

This holds true to serving TANA as well.  Take the time to put your name on the ballot.  You never know if you will like something until you try it.  The reward will be invaluable .   

This year the following positions are up for election:

*        President Elect (must have served as a TANA board             member to run for this office)

*        District I Director- Memphis area.  Must live in the               district.
*        District III Director- Nashville/Middle TN area.  Must             live in the  district.
*        District V Director- East TN/Knoxville.  Must live in               the district.

*         TANA Nominating Committee Member
Click  here to see which district you live in if you are uncertain.

To run as a candidate, a TANA Intent to Serve Form must be submitted to the  TANA office no later than July 15th per the TANA Bylaws.  Click here to fill out the online form.

The second way you can get involved is by serving on or being the chair of a committee.  Click   here  to see a list of committees on the TANA website.

Now is the time to be part of the process and keep TANA growing and moving  forward.  Let's have multiple CRNAs on the ballot for each position.  We are  looking forward to getting to know you and serving with you!

Terrica Durbin, CRNA, DNP, APN
TANA President


1105 Gartland Ave.
P.O. Box 60128
Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 329-3450
(615) 254-1186 - Fax