West/Rhode Riverkeeper Action Alert
February 23, 2012

As a supporter of West/Rhode Riverkeeper, we will let you know when there is an urgent action you can take to help our Rivers. Please see below for an important action alert.
Help fight for Clean Water now


Clean Water Healthy Families
We are at a crucial moment in our campaign to clean up theChesapeake Bay and its waters. We have a plan in place to reach Maryland's clean water goals within the next decade, and in fact we are more than halfway there. Scientists have said the Bay is getting cleaner; the dead zone is receding, crabs are rebounding, and local waters are getting cleaner. But to cement these gains and ensure we ultimately reach the goals, we have to keep pushing our elected leaders. We cannot rest until the next generation can safely swim, eat, and drink from our waters.


To help us achieve this, we are asking for you to please take one minute to stand up for clean water and let your voice be heard.  Most importantly, we need to assure Speaker of the House Mike Busch (who is also our Delegate in District 30) that you (his constituents) support the Clean Waters, Healthy Families campaign goals (bill #'s in parentheses):
  • Ensure that local governments have resources to reduce polluted storm water runoff and implement their local clean water plans (SB 614/HB 987);
  • Finish upgrading the wastewater treatment plants that Maryland has already committed to (SB 240/HB 446);
  • Reduce pollution from poorly planned development - including limiting new septic systems (SB 236/HB 445)
By simply calling or sending an e-mail to your elected leaders, you will be letting them know that you care about clean water, a healthy environment, and the health of your communities and your family.


We may not have another shot at this. There are many walking the halls of Annapolis fighting to thwart this important legislation. Your voice and your support are vital to restoring your creeks, your rivers, and your streams. Remember when you could see the bottom, when the water was clear, where fish flourished, and crabs could be caught by the dozens; when watermen thrived and oysters were abundant? We can get there again and we are so close. Don't let that dream slip away.


Please take a minute to send an e-mail like the one below to Speaker Busch today and say "Yes" to clean water. 

You can also call his office at 410-841-3800


Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of our Rivers!  


-Chris Trumbauer  




Sample email - please edit with your own words  

Click here to email Speaker Michael Busch Personalize it for the greatest effect! A sample is below.


Dear Speaker Busch,

I am a member of West/Rhode Riverkeeper and I am writing to ask that you please support the goals of the Clean Water, Healthy Families campaign to clean our waters within the next decade. We must finish the job of reducing pollution from sewage treatment plants, storm water run-off, and septic systems. Maryland has set goals to remove the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams from the Environmental Protection Agency's "dirty waters" list by 2025. The goals of the Clean Waters, Healthy Waters campaign will help to do just that. We cannot waver even now in difficult economic times. Clean water benefits us all. Who wants dirty water? How will we prosper if our water is polluted? Please vote in support of a modest increase to the Bay Restoration Fund, legislation to stem unbridled growth on septic systems in our most precious rural lands, and the resources to help all our counties reduce pollution from storm water.

Thank you,
[Your Name] [Your Address]
Chris Trumbauer
Riverkeeper Chris Trumbauer
Government works best when its citizens get involved. As a member of West/ Rhode Riverkeeper, no doubt you care deeply about clean water, and the health of our Rivers. 

Don't assume that our elected leaders know how you feel - tell them!

Please take a moment to write or call your state representatives to tell them how important Clean Water is to you and your family.

If you have any questions, please



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