Going to Next Week's Meeting But Want More?  
Try Lexington's Only Workshop for Inventors &  Entrepreneurs 

Let us help you take the next step with your idea, product or startup


Mark your calendar for April 11th to be at our next Workshop for Inventors & Entrepreneurs in Lexington.

This Workshop begins back at our old time of 7:00pm, with doors opening for networking at 6:30pm.

This is a confidential Workshop so you have to be a Member to join us.  

Not a member? Not a problem:  Membership is only $60 for the whole year and,  
Let us help you get the traction you need to take your next step at our April 11th Workshop! 

Don Skaggs
Inventors Council Central KY
  - Part of the Inventors Network KY
Because an Idea is Just a Dream without a Plan

What is this Workshop All About?

In our Workshop, e veryone gets an opportunity to talk about their invention, startup, product or business, and talk about where you are and/or where you're stuck.

Plus we all work under a confidentiality agreement, which means what we talk about at the Inventors Workshop stays at the Inventors Workshop.   

And you don't just get one person's input, you get a whole room of people with varying expertise, experience, and angles of approach that you may not have seen otherwise.  Think of it as a brain-storming session on steroids.

This Workshop is Open 
to  Inventors Council 
Members Only 


Do You Have a  
Great Idea for an 
Invention or Business?

Find Out What You Can Do!

When:  Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Where: Eastside Library

Time:    Doors open for networking at 6:30 PM
              The Workshop begins at 7:00 PM 

                       -  Central KY
Part of the Inventors Network KY             

President - Don Skaggs
Vice-President - Raj Shah
Treasurer - Jim Hill
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