Taking Risks
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Two of my favorite images related to risk-taking are, first, the illustration by Tricia Newell of The Fool in the Sharman-Burke/Greene Tarot deck. The Dionysian character is portrayed as wild youth, driven by the instinct to change, with his left foot raised, ready to step off a precipice into the unknown.
The second is the hero in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, who, in an effort to save his father, must take the risk of stepping into a chasm, hoping he will be able to cross without plunging into the void.

My own rather dramatic experience with this type of risk was a Toltec ceremonial weekend in trust-building that culminated in diving off a cliff while blindfolded. Was I the Fool or Jones? Or both? (Spoiler Alert: I lived.)

In reality, we all take risks every day just biking, running, driving or even walking across a street. And, we do these actions without really thinking about it.   

It's the more drastic impulses to leap into the unknown that give us pause. Our more rational side fights against change. "Is it safe?" we usually want to know.  "Will I be okay?"

Understanding their motivation should help in discerning whether particular impulses come from our higher nature or our darker side.


Here is some information that might be of help in evaluating them...


First off, words have been invented in the past to give voice to feelings, so it's important we, today, understand the proper meaning and use of words, so we can better interpret our own feelings insofar as how and from where they arise.


If the impulses to change are motivated by our instincts...our innate, unlearned aptitude...or our intuition...our non-reasoned knowledge..., then, like the birds above, it's necessary to go for it. Whether it's safe or not is not germane. These impulses are inspiring our destiny. To not face the challenge will, ultimately, bring on a fate far worse than any dangers involved in moving forward.


If, however, the impulses are motivated by desire...our wants..., they are reasonably suspect and need reflection. "Look before you leap," comes into play.  It's not that desires are "bad," but they can be dangerous and beyond one's aptitude or non-reasoned knowledge. "Moderation" is the best course for desire-impulses...at least until one builds a tolerance for the changes they prompt.


If you aren't sure how an impulse is being motivated, you can bet desire is behind it. You probably do not have the particular innate aptitude for it or intuition prompting you.    

The takeaway here is to learn to give in to your instincts and trust your intuition, but move cautiously on your desires.  That's how to get past your "fear of flying."



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