With increased incidents of property being defaced with Nazi symbols and Holocaust imagery used on social media to intimidate and harass, how can we help students think critically about what they are seeing, hearing, and reading?
The educational tools below provide a springboard for discussion about antisemitism and bias, and the harm caused to individuals and society when such attitudes and behaviors go unchecked. Help students to consider their own role and responsibility to uphold democratic principles, and the relevance of this history in their lives and the world today.
Antisemitism in Today's Classrooms
Naomi Mayor, Director of Campus Initiatives and Education Projects at the Anti-Defamation League, shares recent findings from a study of antisemitism in middle and high schools and discusses the important lessons for teachers in teaching the Holocaust as a human story.
Teaching about Contemporary Antisemitism
This new resource provides teachers and students with an opportunity to explore the complex phenomenon of contemporary antisemitism, learn about the persistence of antisemitism worldwide, and identify opportunities to respond and take preventative action. 
Register for the upcoming webinar, Introduction to Contemporary Antisemitism Supplementary Content on February 27 at 8pm EST, to learn more about this new resource and ideas for its use in the classroom. 
Educator Video Toolbox
Use this video about antisemitism to help prepare to teach about the "longest hatred" and the historical context of the rise of racial antisemitic ideology.

Just Released! The latest  video toolbox - Resistance  offers key historical context and a framework to help effectively teach  the subject of armed and spiritual/cultural resistance during the Holocaust.

Defending Truth - What is Holocaust Denial?
Dan Leshem, PhD, defines contemporary Holocaust denial as a form of antisemitism. His insight provides a framework for unpacking this complex issue. 

The film  Denial  recounts Deborah E. Lipstadt's legal battle for historical truth against David Irving, who accused her of libel when she declared him a Holocaust denier.   Use our discussion guide   to accompany this film.
100 Days to Inspire Respect - A Place to Start
From the Day 3 video, "What is Hate" to Day 20 with a mini-lesson on citizen responsibility, USC Shoah Foundation's 100 Days to Inspire Respect offers a helpful starting point for teaching students about countering hate, injustice, and standing up for the integrity of others. 
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