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March 2011

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What's so different about hiring and retaining millennials?  


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Ask the Expert Q&A With Commongood


(Q) How can I retain millennial generation employees? 


(A) Millennial (or Gen Y) talent consists of some of the most ambitious and confident job seekers the market has seen in a long time.  Often times these candidates are eager to get to the top as quickly as possible.  For organizations that want to hold on to their employees for more than a few years, retaining these go-getters comes with a distinct set of challenges. 

Because many millennials are eager to take the next step or advance within an organization (quickly), it can be challenging to ensure satisfaction within their current role.  You can address this by explaining the competencies and experience necessary in order to take the next step.  Show them that getting to that place will involve taking many small steps and clearly chart out those steps for them, so that they feel like they are not only working towards a goal, but also so that they feel like their ambitions have been heard. 


Although millennials may be thinking about their next career move, that doesn't have to mean leaving your organization. But if you're not providing professional development opportunities or having open conversations to discuss their long term career goals, it may result in attrition. Take time to understand where they'd like their career to be in the short and long term.  From there, you can provide professional development opportunities, such as attending events or engaging in mentoring relationships with senior managers.  Encourage them to take advantage of all opportunities that will strengthen their understanding of their field of interest.


Overall, millennials want to spend their time in meaningful and useful ways that allow them to have a significant impact on the organization.  Harnessing this ambition can be a challenge, but often times an open line of communication, setting clear expectations and creating opportunities where they can feel challenged can lead to retention of some of your brightest employees.  


The New Entry Level: Hiring from Leadership Development Programs


Nonprofits hiring entry-level talent often face a difficult "Catch-22" situation as they need people looking to enter an organization on the ground floor, but also want candidates who bring relevant professional experience to the table. This reality is a frustration for first-time jobseekers as well.


For organizations seeking entry-level candidates who possess demonstrated experience, graduates of year-of-service and leadership development programs can present a strong talent pool. Candidates coming out of these programs have been tested in challenging environments and generally come out of their service impassioned and committed to the social sector. Because of the skills and experiences that participants in these programs gain, more organizations are looking to leadership development programs as "the new entry-level".


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What's Happening in Nonprofit Hiring
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Millennials Heart Nonprofits

According to a recent article in the New York Times, millennials are seeking employment in the nonprofit sector more than ever before. Applications for AmeriCorps and Teach For America are reaching unprecedented highs. Recent college graduates who may have previously gravitated big corporate jobs are opting in to the social sector instead.   


Tweeting for Hiring Managers 

Many corporate recruiters promote their openings and recruit candidates on Twitter. Is Twitter really an effective tool for filling open positions? The debate is out as to whether Twitter is useful or distracting for hiring managers and recruiters. Read about a few reasons to test out tweeting in our blog. 

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