Nevada Rural Electric Association Annual Meeting

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As this newsletter hits the email world, I'll be on my way to Las Vegas to the NREA Annual Meeting. That is, I'll be on my way if the I-15 detour through Overton is still open. As I write this, you can get to Las Vegas and back from Mesquite with a moderate detour, and I'm hoping the roads stay open.


I'm looking forward to a tour of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California, just outside of Primm. I'm scheduled to get a bus in Henderson at noon on September 10, so I'll be up early to navigate the detours. This will be my first time at the NREA meeting, so I'm looking forward to meeting the people and learning from the presentations on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I'm hoping to expand my knowledge of electricity in rural regions so I can better serve as a Trustee of Overton Power District if the voters choose me to represent them. I'll report back to you next week.



Power Outage


I'm sure you are aware that Moapa Valley was hit by an epic storm on Monday, followed by a rather long power outage. The power was out beginning just after 3 pm. It came back for a short time about an hour later, then it started to resume throughout the district just before 11 pm. Eight hours is a pretty significant outage, but not long enough to warm up the refrigerator if you are careful. Fortunately, the weather was a comfortable temperature. A longer outage on a very hot day would have been more serious. Overton Power District has said that the problems were in facilities belonging to NV Energy at the Reid Gardner Generating Station, so OPD is not to blame. But long outages are serious, and OPD is responsible to its ratepayers. If I am elected Trustee, I will request a study by OPD to see what can be done to reduce the frequency and duration of outages, even when the failures are outside of the OPD-owned facilities. Failure scenarios should be identified and possible redundancies and workarounds should be studied. Evaluating costs and risks is necessary in order to determine what expenditures make sense.

National Clean Energy Summit 7.0


Last Thursday, September 4,  I attended the National Clean Energy Summit 7.0 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, along with several other residents in our district. We had a great time, beginning with the opening remarks by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and ending with the Keynote Address by Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Even the lunch was good, and as well-presented as the Summit. Lunch was an opportunity to chat with people we would not have met otherwise.


One of the main impressions I got was the great strides in solar energy and sustainability being made by MGM Resorts International, owners of the Mandalay Bay. The 20-acre roof of the convention center will soon be covered with solar panels. I have written more about this in Let's Talk Nevada, so I'll refer you to that at


I was disappointed there wasn't more discussion about energy storage systems, but I found out about cleaner energy options that are the wave of the future.



I'll have more to say in future newsletters, but feel free to contact me if would like to chat.

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