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Tall Pines School Cold Weather Policy for All students (from Infant to Grade 8)

***Our Cold Weather Policy for students who are skiing is slightly different, due to the length of time the students will be outside and also the strict winter clothing requirements.

We have based our cold weather policies on information and similar policies from Peel Health, the Peel Board of Education, the Toronto District School Board, and the Hamilton-Wentworth Board of Education***

 These policies are only for the temperature.  Recess may be indoor or shortened due to rain, lightning, or other severe weather related concerns.

 1)   0 to -15 degrees Celsius (with or without the windchill)
    *    Recess will proceed as regularly scheduled.
 2)  -16 to -20 degrees Celsius (with or without the windchill)
    *    We may reduce the amount of time spent outside for recess
          (shorten recess).

 3)  -21 degrees Celsius (with or without the windchill) and colder
    *    We may cancel recess entirely if the temperature at the time of
          recess is (or is projected to fall) below -21 degrees Celsius or

When these policies are developed we carefully weigh the benefits of outdoor play vs the safety of the children.
The research is clear. Children need recess. It benefits every aspect of childhood development especially the physical component. Recess also fosters the social, emotional and intellectual development of children. Following are seven reasons why:
    1    Everyone benefits from a break.
    2    Recess increases focus.
    3    Natural light improves wellness.
    4    Recess reduces stress.
    5    Recess develops social skills.
    6    Exercise is healthy.
    7    Physical activity feeds the brain.

Please make sure your son/daughter is properly dressed for outdoor winter play every day during the winter months.  This includes, but is not limited to, winter boots, snow pants, a proper winter coat, hat, neck warmer, mitts or gloves, and Balaclava.  Scarves are NOT encouraged.

Grade 6-8 Blue Mountain Ski/Snowboard Trip
This is the last call for Blue Mountain forms.  The deadline for the  submission of forms is Friday, December 15th.  The details for the trip are available HERE.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Lynn at

Dates to Remember

Fashion Week - Monday, December 19th - Thursday, December 22nd
All students may wear fashion clothes.

Tuesday, December 19th
- Montessori Elementary, Junior School, and The Zone "Evening of Good Tidings" @ 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 20th
- The Montessori Casa "Evening of Good Tidings" @ 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, December 21st
- Last Day of School before the Christmas Holidays
- Skating Party and "Shinny Hockey" (Details still to come)
- The school day ends at 12:00 p.m. (Extended Care is NOT available for this day)

Friday, December 22nd - Friday, January 5th
- Christmas Holidays (the school is closed for this period)

Monday, January 8th
- First day back from Christmas Holidays
- Winter Lunch Program begins


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