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Thank You to Hinenu, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Hillel International and the donors to the Israel Fellow Program

Your generosity made these programs possible and so successful. 

Tamir Goodman visited 
Indiana University 
as a guest of IU Hillel

Tamir Goodman, dubbed the 
"Jewish Michael Jordan" 
Sports Illustrated
visited IU Hillel
as a part of the Jewish Agency for Israel Fellow speaker series. Over 100 students attended the inspirational presentation. 

The basketball clinic  and 
Tamir's presentation at Indiana University

Goodman, a former pro basketball player, is a successful entrepreneur, coach, educator, and motivational speaker. He is responsible for International Development for the basketball team Hapoel Jerusalem and holds an annual basketball camp for 40 boys age 13 to 17 annually in Jerusalem. 

Event co-sponsors were Hinenu, Jewish Agency for Israel, Hillel International, Hutton Honors College, Hoosiers for Israel , StandWithUs , Students Supporting Israel, AEPi, ZBT, AEPHi , SDT and Union Board.


Prior to the event, Goodman
held a mini-basketball clinic for IU students and children from Bloomington schools. He coached  the attendees through his  revolutionary basketball training device, Zone190. 

Tamir spoke about his college and professional basketball career, including playing for Maccabi Tel Aviv and other teams in Israel. The audience was inspired by his unwavering commitment to Jewish practice and religious beliefs and his pride in being Jewish.  In several cases, he found that when he showed his love for Judaism, his peers and coaches respected and supported him.  However, during difficult times, he faced challenges and adversity with strength and was able to "make lemonade from lemons"

David Solkowitz, Class of 2017, reflected on Tamir's presentation,  "to hear, meet and see Tamir Goodman as a big sports fan and devoted Jew was inspirational. Hearing his story and seeing his energy showe d me that I don't have to compromise my Jewish values to be involved in sports." He added, "I think t he best part about Tamir's lecture was that he genuinely enjoyed the majority of the process he went through and it made him who he is today. To see someone who has overcome and dealt with so much shows us that we can't give up on our dreams."
Jess Goldblatt, the Greek Life Coordinator and Ezra Fellow at IU Hillel said, " Tamir Goodman delivered a humbling speech, crediting his athletic abilities and accomplishments as G-d given. Tamir encouraged the crowd to pursue their passions and to be proud of their roots. He described himself as a "Jewish Athlete".  Therefore, his affinity to Judaism always took precedence over his athletic commitments. Tamir serves as a tremendous role model for many young Jewish adults who struggle to cope with their Jewish identities in an increasingly secular society."

Goodman has coa
ched more than 3,000 basketball players around the world, and has partnered with Houston Rockets small-forward Omri Casspi on a series of basketball camps across the United States. He is also the co-founder of Coolanu Israel, a non-profit that strengthens ties to Israel through innovative seminars, sports programs and literature projects for athletes, college students, and coaches.
He holds a B.A. in communications, and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and four children.


Mekonen is a film that follows the life of an Ethiopian shepherd now serving as a commander in the Israel Defense Forces. The movie was produced by Jerusalem U.
The inspiring mini-documentary shows  Mekonen  Abebe's journey from Ethiopia to his life today.
The event was co-sponsored by AEPhi, AEPi, Greek Jewish Council, Hoosiers for Israel, SDT, Students Supporting Israel (SSI), ZBT, and StandWithUs.

IU Hillel Jewish Agency for Israel fellow leads discussion after viewing of Mekonen.
IU Hillel Jewish Agency for Israel fellow leads discussion after viewing of Mekonen.

After the film, Yotam Elias, Jewish A gency for Israel Fellow held a discussion with the students followed by a delicious dessert reception with home baked Israeli delicacies from the IU Hillel Jewish Cooking Class. "It was good, there was a full house, we baked a ton of Israeli desserts. It was a great film and a great evening! Thank you to all of the co-sponsors!" Ben Stolberg, IU Hillel Springboard Fellow. 

A big thanks to Jerusalem U for making the evening possible.

IU Hillel is grateful to Hinenu, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Hillel International and all the generous donors who have made the Israel Fellow program a reality. This program makes a very positive and life changing difference on the college campus on a day-to-day basis and supports special events and programs like these.

We are looking forward to an exciting second semester of programs including:
  • Dennis Ross, previous U.S. Ambassador to Israel
  • Several other guest speakers and performers
  • More movies from Jerusalem U
  • Israelpalooza, an educational and fun-packed celebrating Israeli life and culture
  • and much more...... 

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